St Helen’s Farm Goats’ Milk Products Review

Disclosure: We were sent the featured products for the purpose of this post however all opinions are my own.

We’re always looking for ways to broaden and vary our diets especially if there are any added health benefits. Recently St Helen’s Farm asked us if we’d like to give their goats’ milk products a try and as Dave and I had never even tried goats’ milk, and always have traditional cows milk, we thought we’d see what it was like – Especially as we are huge fans of dairy products, yogurt and cheese mainly!

St Helen’s Farm delivered us an amazing hamper of products, most of which I’d seen in shops and all of which I’d never tried before. Three large tubs of yogurt, four individual size dessert yogurts, two different cheeses, butter and three cartons of full fat goats milk – All accompanied by a cuddly goat and two china mugs! Such a lovely delivery that I couldn’t wait to start using the products.

Review: St Helen's Farm Goats' Milk Products

How did we introduce St Helens Farm Goats’ Milk into our lifestyle?

I thought I’d start by trying the milk on it’s own, so had a glass of milk, followed by a cup of tea with goats’ milk and also had the goats’ milk on cereal. My first impressions were good – It tasted to me pretty much the same as cows’ milk although it didn’t seem as thick as cows’ milk. Over the course of a couple of weeks of trying the products I got used to the goats’ milk taste and could tell the difference – Goats’ milk does have a distinct flavour but it’s not unpleasant, just different to cows’ milk.

Can you cook with St Helen’s Farm Goats’ Milk?

I investigated the recipes on the St Helen’s farm website and decided to make the one thing that I knew I could make with dairy products – Cheesecake! I bought the couple of extra ingredients I needed and made both a Cheesecake Tart with Orange Sauce and a Baked Lemon Cheesecake – Dave and his sweet tooth were in their element! Both desserts were lovely and definitely something I’d make again.

Review: St Helen's Farm Goats' Milk Products
Review: St Helen's Farm Goats' Milk Products
Review: St Helen's Farm Goats' Milk Products
Review: St Helen's Farm Goats' Milk Products

We thought we’d see what LP thought of British goats’ milk too and there were no complaints – She drank the milk, ate the St Helens Farm goats cheese and near enough inhaled the yogurts! Overall St Helen’s Farm goats’ milk product have fitted into our day to day lives incredibly naturally and we have found them a great alternative to cows’ milk products.

Why would you choose St Helen’s Farm Goats’ Milk over cows’ milk?

You are probably now wondering why anyone would choose goats’ milk over cows’ milk? Well, goats’ milk is often chosen by people because cows’ milk doesn’t agree with them and they want a natural alternative to cows’ milk. Many people say that they have derived health benefits by switching to goats’ milk. The most common problems include digestive disorders such as bloatedness, irritable bowel, and catarrh, chestiness, eczema and even asthma. Nutritionally, goats milk is a good source of milk protein, contains less lactose sugar, more calcium, more vitamin B6, more vitamin A and 134% more potassium than regular cow’s milk.

We’ve really enjoyed using goats milk in our diet and will definitely be indulging in St Helen’s Farm goats’ milk products in the future – Especially the yogurts!

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  1. I’ve had goat’s milk for the past 8 to 9 yrs as I can’t drink any other milk and my partner also drinks the milk and I want to get my son on to it as well and im due a baby in July and when my baby is a year old I would love for he/she to go on it

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