Our Christmas Eve Box

After having our December box at the start of December we then reuse the box to create our Christmas Eve box. This is a box that we open, share and enjoy on Christmas Eve, the start of our cosy festive family time and a day that I will always love.

Our Christmas Eve Box

Inside our Christmas Eve box are things that we need on Christmas Eve – a dish to leave a drink, carrot and treat on ready for Santa and Rudolph along with signs to hang on the children’s bedroom doors.

Our Christmas Eve Box

We all get new pyjamas on Christmas Eve, not necessarily Christmas ones, just new ones. We also buy a new Christmas movie to watch in the early evening and a treat to accompany it – this year the kids have festive Thorntons chocolate lollies.

Also in the box is our trusty Christmas Eve book. I bought it a couple of years ago from M&S and love it. The front has flashing lights and inside are a few beautiful Christmas stories including The Night Before Christmas – a must read on Christmas Eve. We also have a couple of activity books to keep the children amused during the day.

Lastly, we have Santa’s magic key so that he is able to find his way into our home as we don’t have a working chimney, and a packet of reindeer food, ready to throw on the grass in the evening so that the reindeer have a snack whilst Santa is delivering our presents. This was in our Carabella Kiddy Kit but we saved it especially for Christmas Eve.

Our Christmas Eve Box

I am so excited to give this box to the children. It’s the first year everything has been in a special box and the first year that LP has really understood Christmas. I think at the moment I am finding all the planning and preparation more exciting than she is but when the time comes I am sure she will love it!

Do you have a Christmas Eve box? What’s in yours?

Our Christmas Eve Box

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  • It looks lovely! I fill the kids stockings that hang on their bedroom doors ready for them to wake up on Christmas Eve. They have new PJs, a new Christmas film each and sweets, so very similar. I do love Christmas Eve. Hope you all have a lovely one xx

  • Aw, this will be so lovely to give to the kids, and Christmas Eve will be so exciting at your place. I’ve got a box for them for Christmas even night too. It’s just got a cuddly toy each to put in their bed when they go to sleep, new pyjamas, a new book each, and a little chocolate treat. I can’t wait – it’s so close now! Hope you all have a lovely, wonderful, fun-filled Christmas xx

  • Ah this is SO cute Donna- I love the little plate for Father Christmas. We do festive boxes at the start of the month on our festive day where we put the tree up. I would love to do one on Christmas Eve really but it’s Mads birthday and so we have to make it more about her and less about Christmas! I bet your littlies will love opening these and there will be such excited faces. xx

  • Ah I love this Christmas Eve box tradition just sad that I hadn’t heard of it when my kids were an appropriate age. Might just get one for myself! Yours looks fab 🙂