Me & Mine {January 2019}

This month has been a really lovely month for us as a family. I usually don’t like January and I would go so far as to say that January is usually my least favourite month. But this January has been so different.

I think because we organised a break away to Darwin Forest at the start of the month, making the most of an extra inset day, we started the month in the right way and in the right frame of mind, turning it into a month of little adventures mixed with relaxing time together.

Our month took us to Bakewell in search of a traditional Bakewell Tart, to Hardwick Hall in search of a little bit of Harry Potter nostalgia and to Stowe to take photos and stretch our legs.

We also had a really lovely hotel stay and so much down time, relaxing in between the adventures. This year we are taking a slower pace as a family – although it may not look that way from the outside.

This month we have been away as a family two weekends out of four – so we have had half our time at home just enjoying what we have.

I’m really looking forward to finding a better balance this year. We’re focusing on quality over quantity and we’ll be staying at home at least one weekend a month. We all love lazy mornings in our pyjamas, pancakes for brunch and watching movies on the TV.

So January has been a great foundation for the year, a lovely chilly start but mostly spent as a little unit, just enjoying our time together. I can’t quite believe that tomorrow it’s February and we are already a whole month through the year. Thanks January for making me think that actually, January isn’t that bad after all.

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