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Our Top Tips for Visiting Legoland Windsor

Disclosure: We were invited on this day out for the purpose of this post however all opinions are my own.

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We love going to Legoland. It’s been a happy place for our family and one of our favourite theme parks since we first went back in 2015, with children aged 3 and 18 months. Now, with the children nearly 13 and 11, our days at Legoland are different to how they used to be but just as fun.

Our Top Tips for Visiting Legoland Windsor

So I thought it might be useful to put together our tip tips for when you’re visiting Legoland, whatever age your children are.

Get there early

The best way of making the most of a day at Legoland is to arrive early and stay until the end of the day. The gates to Legoland open at least half an hour before the official Legoland opening times, giving you a chance to get your bearings, use the toilet, grab a coffee or wander around the shops before the park opens fully. You are free to roam around The Beginning area until the official opening time.

Be prepared to get the steps in

Legoland is a really big site, situated on a pretty big hill which gives amazing views but also means that you end up walking quite a lot. There’s the Hill Train that can help you get up and down the hill but you can also walk down the hill, with step free routes throughout.

Our Top Tips for Visiting Legoland Windsor

Walking down the hill is great fun as there are slides built into the levels of the hill – and so many Lego models to discover too. Walking from the top of the hill, down to Bricktopia is such a big moment on a day at Legoland – the anticipation, excitement and those first glimpses of all things Legoland. But, we often get the Hill Train back up the hill at the end of the day!

As well as the big hill, there’s a total of eleven different areas to explore, each one full of rides, shows, attractions, entertainment and things to look at. We always easily do 10k steps at Legoland, often more.

Our Top Tips for Visiting Legoland Windsor

Hire a stroller

If you’re worried about the children’s little legs, and they’re too big for a pushchair or you don’t have one, hire a stroller from Legoland. You can prebook StrollerBug rental online and simply pick it up from The LEGO® Store in The Beginning when you arrive.

Our Top Tips for Visiting Legoland Windsor

Strollers cost £10 for a single stroller or £15 for a double stroller for the day and are great for resting tired legs and also for chucking your coats, bags and packed lunch in too! Find out more here.

Legoland also have mobility scooters available to hire that can be reserved in advance. They cost £25 for the day.

Plan food and drinks

Legoland have water refill stations throughout the park so it’s a good idea to take water bottles with you. There are also plenty of places to buy food and drinks during the day. Whether you want just a tea, coffee or slushie or an ice cream, tube of Pringles or a hot dog to full on meals at places like the City Walk Pizza and Pasta or Pirate’s Burger Kitchen.

But, you can also take food and drinks into Legoland with you. Pretty much all food and drink is allowed so you can pack a full picnic if you want to. There are plenty of benches and places to sit throughout the park and we always find taking a packed lunch means we can eat in ride queues and save time throughout the day.

Use the Legoland app

The Legoland Windsor mobile app gives you all the information you need for a day spent at the Legoland Windsor Resort. A fully interactive map, current queue times, locations of toilets, refreshments and shops, show times and so much more.

Reserve and Ride

When visiting a theme park you do expect to queue for rides but the Legoland Reserve and Ride system can help you reduce the amount of time you spend queueing at an additional cost. From £25 per person, there are different Reserve and Ride levels to suit all budgets. You can find out more here.

Our Top Tips for Visiting Legoland Windsor

See a show

One of our favourite parts of a day at Legoland is seeing a show in the 4D cinema. There are usually three or four different movies on throughout the day, all at different times. Take a look outside the cinema in Bricktopia for the show times that day – or check out the app. We usually end the day with a show and it’s always a nice way to finish a day at Legoland. 

Our Top Tips for Visiting Legoland Windsor

You can also see a puppet show in the Duplo Valley Theatre or see a live action show in the Heartlake Harbour Arena. Find out more about Legoland shows here.

Be prepared to get wet!

Some of the rides at Legoland will get you wet! Pirate Falls Treasure Quest will get anyone soaked who rides it and Hydra’s Challenge will often leave people pretty soggy. Coastguard HQ, Legoland Express and Fire Academy also have moments where you can get sprayed with water. Wear a coat or poncho – or simply embrace the water and enjoy it!

Our Top Tips for Visiting Legoland Windsor

Enjoy the play areas

Younger children will love the play areas dotted around Legoland. They are a nice break from ride queues and there is something for all ages. We love the DUPLO Playtown, right in the heart of DUPLO Valley, and Cole’s Rock Climb in Lego Ninjago World.

Our Top Tips for Visiting Legoland Windsor

There’s also Lava Dragon Play in Lego Mythica and Castaway Camp in Pirate Shores. And don’t forget The Magical Forest walkthrough – a really lovely, shady place to spend time where you can see the whole forest really come alive.

Play with Lego

Another lovely way of breaking up the day is playing with Lego! There are so many areas at Legoland where you can happily build for as long as you like, in nice, covered areas that are great in all weathers. There’s the Model Making Studio and Rebuild The World™ Planet LEGOLAND® in The Beginning, LEGO® Ferrari Build & Race in Bricktopia and Creature Creation in Lego Mythica.

Explore Miniland

We love Miniland. It’s somewhere you can explore at your pace and we often wander around it after lunch when the ride queues are longest or before we head home. You can see so many different countries, all made from Lego, and it’s great for helping children learn geography in a really fun way!

Our Top Tips for Visiting Legoland Windsor

Don’t miss the Driving School

One iconic part of Legoland is the Driving School and Legoland has two options – L Drivers is for children between 0.9m and 1.1m and Legoland Driving School is for children between 1.1m and 1.5m. With either option you can buy a Legoland driving license afterwards which is a fantastic souvenir.

Visit the Water Park

From late May to early September, you can add a visit to Drench Towers and Splash Safari to your day at Legoland! This water fun is included in the standard admission ticket and the only requirement is that swimwear must be worn. There are lockers and changing rooms available.

Our Top Tips for Visiting Legoland Windsor

Extend your visit

If one day at Legoland isn’t enough, why not stay over and have even more fun the following day? Legoland has the Legoland Hotel, Lego Castle Hotel and the brand new Woodland Village opening this month to give so many short break options to families of all sizes. Find out more about staying at Legoland here.

I hope that has helped you plan your next day at Legoland – and if you have any questions I’ll do my best to answer them for you. We already can’t wait for our next trip to Legoland! Find out more about Legoland and book your next adventure over on the website.

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