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With the summer holidays looming it’s a time when so many families will be getting out and about, going on long car journeys or even heading abroad – by plane or boat. But, for many people travel sickness can really put a dampener or any holiday journey and I know how awful it can be when you’re going on holiday but you have a child who gets travel sick – you’d do anything to ease the sickness for them.

Keep Travel Sickness at bay with Sea-Band

This year Sea-Band have sent us some fantastic activity books as well as a couple of their travel sickness bands which are a great drug-free option for combatting travel sickness and making journeys a bit easier for both adults and children. Sea-Bands are a must for any family holiday and I know they won’t be far from us when we head abroad this summer – and on a few long car journeys that we have planned too.

Keep Travel Sickness at bay with Sea-Band
Keep Travel Sickness at bay with Sea-Band

If you haven’t heard of them before, Sea-Bands are acupressure knitted wrist bands that are clinically proven to relieve motion sickness – as well as morning sickness and helping with post-operative and chemotherapy-induced nausea. They come in both adult and children’s sizes as well as a range of colour. Sea-Bands really are the natural choice for drug free relief of all types of nausea.

Keep Travel Sickness at bay with Sea-Band

Both of the children have found the bands really comfortable and they feel like they’re just wearing a knitted, stretchy bracelet not an anti-sickness device. They have fitted seamlessly into our lifestyle and they children love the bold designs and we love that they’re machine washable too – and come in handy storage cases to stop them getting lost.

Keep Travel Sickness at bay with Sea-Band
Keep Travel Sickness at bay with Sea-Band

No matter your holiday style, travelling as a family can still have its challenges. However you get to your destination, Sea-Band’s Happy Holiday Activity booklet, packed full of activities for the kids of all ages, with colouring, fun facts, word searches and much more, means there’ll be a lot less arguments this summer!

Sea-Bands have an RRP of £8.59 and are available from Boots.


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  1. Personally I would consider using them following discussion with my GP ( General Practitioner). As. I unfortunately suffer from chronic pain, and take a proton pump inhibitor, as chronic pain, as well as medication use can lead to nausea etc. I need to increase dose on occasions due to increased pain and or nausea, etc. I have never used Sea Band, though do like to keep medication to a minimum, due to side effects, etc. So Sea Bands could well be beneficial in Managing my Long Term Health Condition.

    I had only been aware of Sea Bands being used for travel sickness in the past. Not a condition which I am prone to.

  2. When we were children, we regularly traveled from Merseyside to Devon to visit grandparents, my sister suffered dreadfully with travel sickness, mum used to give her a tablet to prevent this, unfortunately she couldn’t swallow the thing, this band would have been wonderful

  3. These are brilliant! I used them so much as a child as I get travel sickness. I’ve used them in the car and on boats and they’ve always worked. I did not know they now come in pink, I need to upgrade mine. My mum wears them the whole time she is on her cruise!! x

  4. They would be replacements for our worn out ones, never go anywhere without them Brilliant product that works

  5. I’d be very interested to see how they might help with car travel sickness. I suffer from it a lot and it’s not solely down to my other half’s driving ability 😉 x

  6. I used these throughout my pregnancy, esp when travelling in my friends car, now we have our very first car, and our two youngest are not used to driving much as we would walk everywhere lol, so they get car sick very quickly atm, it will pass but would love to see if these would work for them! x Thanks!

  7. I would use them when crossing the English Channel by ferry which can sometimes be very rough.

  8. I would give them to my dad, he is a fisherman who goes on boats and sometimes doesn’t feel to comfortable so I would like to think these ease his sickness while he’s catching all those delicious fish for tea

  9. We are going to Ireland in a few weeks so this will come in very hand for my Son and I as we are both not great on the Ferry.

  10. What an interesting product and review. I wish I’d had access to these when I was young. I would use them for the children on car journeys.

  11. I think these would be ideal for me as I get motion sickness on any type of travel, whether in a car, bus, plane or boat.

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