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Next week is half term and I for one am looking forward to more time with LP, having some adventures and not having the school run every day. We’re still getting used to our new routine since LP started preschool and so we are still getting used to school holidays too. Here are a few of our favourite ideas for half term:

Meet up with friends

We have a lot of friends who live a little further away and we don’t get to see very often. School holidays are a great opportunity to have quality play dates with those lovely friends and their equally lovely children.

Forest Adventures

We love going to the forest as it’s a pretty cheap/free day out. There’s always puddles to splash in, places to hide and new things to explore. Forests are some of LP’s favourite places and ones we love to go to as a family.

Half Term Activity Ideas

Gruffalo Hunting

We have been on the official Gruffalo Trails a few times now but you don’t have to have an official trail to hunt for a Gruffalo, it’s easy to try and spot a mouse, fox, snake, owl or Gruffalo in any park or forest and it can keep the children entertained for hours.

Half Term Activity Ideas

Go to the Zoo

Zoos and Wildlife Parks are some of the children’s favourite places. We don’t go to them often as they can be expensive but we look out for Tesco voucher deals, Groupon offers or other special offers and try to go to a zoo a few times a year as a treat. There’s always animals to see, adventure playgrounds and new places to explore.

Half Term Activity Ideas

Visit the Beach

We love the beach but don’t go often but I have seen so many photos of people visiting the seaside in winter that I really want to go. You just cannot beat the attraction of the seaside with the fish and chip smell, the noise of the sea, 2p arcade machines and so much to do.

Half Term Activity Ideas

Soft Play

Soft play is often hellish, especially at half term but it’s somewhere children love and somewhere you can enjoy as a whole family. We have loads of soft play places near us as well as Little Street that is our favourite place and definitely more enjoyable for parents than traditional soft play.

If you’re looking for more ideas of things to do at half term take a look at the Attractiontix website where they have gathered up a whole host of things to keep the kids occupied. Do you have any plans for half term?

Half Term Activity Ideas


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