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It’s always difficult to decide where to go on holiday, especially somewhere the whole family will enjoy. But to make the decision slightly easier, have surveyed holidaying children worldwide to find the best destinations for family holidays. The results showed what children value in a holiday, and the top destinations they’d love to visit too. Here are some of their favourites:

  • USA {Best for cool pools, water slides and lots of activities}

The USA was a very popular destination amongst children, and is top-rated for its pools and great range of activities. The US offers a huge choice of trips and activities for the whole family to enjoy, whether it’s incredible theme parks in Orlando, saddling up with cowboys in Wyoming, snowboarding in the Rockies, surfing in California or exploring museums in New York. In the USA every family is certain to find something they love and something to make it a truly memorable holiday.

The Best Family Holiday Destinations – Chosen by Kids!

The US is also a fantastic choice for beach and poolside holidays, with a variety of resorts to choose from. Between the surfing haven of California, the white sandy beaches and beautiful sea of Miami and the glamorous appeal of The Hamptons. The USA has resorts to delight both children and adults alike, all enjoying the famous American warm welcome and customer service.

The Best Family Holiday Destinations – Chosen by Kids!
  • Greece {Best for beach holidays}

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Greece was voted the best destination for a beach holiday – and having taken the children to Greece last summer we have to agree. Greece’s white sand beaches, rocky coves and clear blue waters are a really popular destination for many families and we cannot wait to go back.

The Best Family Holiday Destinations – Chosen by Kids!

Greece’s beaches and islands offer fantastic facilities for water sports including sailing, windsurfing and kayaking. But, away from the sea the whole family will enjoy exploring the ruins and sites of ancient Greece, including Olympus, home of the Gods, and the original track where the Olympics were born.

The Best Family Holiday Destinations – Chosen by Kids!
  • Brazil {Best for unusual activities and cool holiday photos}

Brazil is best rated for unusual activities and the best for the chance to take cool photos for social media accounts – pleasing children of all ages. Few countries can offer the variety of Brazil, covering everything from glorious beaches, lush jungle and exciting cities and culture. Rio de Janeiro is an oasis of incredible scenery and iconic sights and the city itself is bursting with vibrant culture and famed for its samba, capoeira and love of football. Unusual activities include sampling the delicious local cuisine, and visiting the traditional gaucho barbecue houses for an authentic taste of Brazil. You can also visit Manaus, the gateway to the Amazon. Travellers of all ages can explore the jungle on a tour and cruise the mighty river’s tributaries to spot wildlife including parrots, monkeys, sloths, tamarins, macaws and river dolphins.

The Best Family Holiday Destinations – Chosen by Kids!
  • Canada {Best for evening activities}

Canada was popular for its evening activities, which not only kept children busy but helped them achieve every child’s holiday ambition of staying up late. Canada offers plenty to occupy every family. The unspoilt wilderness offers amazing wildlife watching opportunities – spotting bears of every colour, wolves, moose, elk, orcas and whales. Families can try dog sledding, see the northern lights and ski in some of North America’s best and largest resorts.

The Best Family Holiday Destinations – Chosen by Kids!
  • Mexico {Best for meeting other children to play with}

Mexico was highly rated for its social opportunities for children. Mexico offers some of the world’s best beach resorts where the whole family can relax, meet other holiday makers and try out water sports. Mexico has fantastic locations for surfing, sea kayaking, windsurfing, kiteboarding, snorkelling, scuba- diving, whale watching and so much more.

The Best Family Holiday Destinations – Chosen by Kids!

Plus, Mexico is home to some of the most fascinating archaeological locations in the world and having visited Mexico on our honeymoon we would definitely love to take the children there too.

The Best Family Holiday Destinations – Chosen by Kids!
  • Japan {Best for Wi-Fi}

Japan is pretty advanced in technology and has excellent public services, so unsurprisingly children were impressed by Japan’s great wi-fi coverage and speedy internet connections. Japan is great for family travel, thanks to its mix of natural beauty, history, vibrant cities and unique culture. Tokyo and Kyoto are Japan’s largest cities but the mountainous countryside is serenely beautiful, and offers so many activities – from snorkelling to skiing.

The Best Family Holiday Destinations – Chosen by Kids!

Have you been to any of these top countries? if so, would you agree that they are fantastic places to travel as a family? It would be great to hear your thoughts and to see where you’re heading for your next family break away – we’ve already been scouring, planning our next break away – and it may well end up being to one of these top family destinations!

The Best Family Holiday Destinations – Chosen by Kids!


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  1. Oh Donna! This has got me wanting to visit all of these now. Japan is very high on our list at the moment. We’re hoping to go in a couple of years time. I have heard it is incredible. I would love to see all the scenery in Canada, and I’ve also been to Mexico and it sounds really family friendly xx

  2. Having been to Florida 3 times I totally agree that is great for all the family. And Greece too as we have visited Corfu and mainland Greece. With the kids getting older I am finding I am researching our holidays alot more. They have more of an input now as to where they want to travel too next. We also honeymooned in Mexico, and only recently I have been seeing it as a family destination. The teen is off to Iceland next year with school, and no not jealous in the slightest! x

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