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Our children don’t get poorly often but we can guarantee that they’ll get at least four colds a year. They get a runny nose, find it hard to sleep and are just not as happy as they usually are. It’s always such a miserable time that I thought it might be good to put together some ways that we help the children to feel a bit better when they have a cold.

Blow their nose

This may sound obvious but children always feel so much better when they blow their noses properly. Our two have gradually progressed from wiping their noses as toddlers to understanding how to actually blow their nose but they still need a helping hand at times and they feel so much better afterwards when they can breathe a little easier.


Having enough rest is so important when you have a cold but it can also be really hard for the children to breathe overnight whilst they’re asleep. We use Colief Breathe Easy Patches to help the children get through the night and they always sleep so much better with a patch on. It reminds me of the plug in vaporisers we used to use when the children were babies but much more effective.

The patches are placed on their pyjamas when they go to bed and as they sleep they breathe in natural essential oils which have an anti-inflammatory effect on their airways, relieving their blocked and runny noses and helping them get a good night’s sleep.

Drink enough

When our children have colds they often don’t want to eat or drink but staying hydrated is key to them shifting the cold. We remind them constantly to have a drink and make them treats like warm blackcurrant to make them feel better too.

Wash hands

We always encourage the children to wash their hands regularly and to do a good job washing them too. This doesn’t stop when they have a cold and really just increases. Feeling cleaner always makes anyone feel better but it also helps stop the cold from spreading too.

Have a bath

LP and Little Man always feel better when they’ve had a bath, got clean pyjamas on and had some down time. Whenever they’re feeling under the weather a nice warm bath is one of the first things we do.

Stay at home

Whenever the children aren’t feeling a hundred percent the last thing they want to do is go on days out or see other people. Instead we stay at home, have a PJ day and go at a slower pace. We make the most of watching movies in front of the TV which makes them feel instantly better.

Lower your expectations

We’ve learnt to really change how we live when the children aren’t feeling their best. We eat whatever they are happy eating, we go at their pace and if the house or their rooms are a mess for a few days we roll with it until they’re feeling better. Everything goes out the window for cuddles in front of the TV!

Apparently school age children have up to twelve colds a year and they are at their peak from September through to April. It’s something that you learn to live with as a parent and make sure you always have supplies ready – lots of tissues, cuddles and Breathe Easy Patches. Then we can get through anything! How do you help your children feel better when they have a cold?

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