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A few months ago our washing machine broke when we arrived home from a week away. It was perfect timing – we had a week’s worth of dirty clothes and LP was back to school the next day.

It took us two weeks to source a new washing machine and have it delivered and ready to be used and in that time I realised how awful it was, as a family, to not have a washing machine. You see, launderettes are things that only really have a place on TV – I’ve never known any real life people to use them. So instead we spent the two weeks washing clothes at relatives houses and trying to get the most wear out of anything we wore.

For us, our washing machine is in constant use. We easily do 1-2 loads a day and there seems to be washing constantly on the washing line or on our heated airer. It’s a backbone of family life and without clean clothes the kids can’t go to school, we can’t go to work and we can’t have that lovely line fresh smell on our bed sheets.

Recently Beko ran a poll on Twitter asking what appliance you can’t live without and for me it would be our washing machine – I never want to be without one again! However, the clear favourite was in fact a fridge-freezer and I can understand that too – nowhere to put the milk or to have fish fingers ready for a quick dinner. No ice cubes for your drinks or ice lollies in the summer? If I had to pick I don’t think I could choose between our fridge-freezer and washing machine.

When it comes down to it, all of our white goods are really important additions to our home. They’re all things we use regularly and all things we would hate to be without. What do you think, which kitchen appliance couldn’t you live without?

Why I love our Washing Machine

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  1. Yesterday was the day our new washing machine arrived, and like you we were without ours for 2 weeks. Thank goodness for my washing fairy aka my mum, who has been doing all our washing for us and has been a godsend. But boy I am glad we have a washing machine back in the house, I just need to wash all of our Katie’s smelly cub clothes this evening which have been festering for a week x


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