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If you’re feeling a bit strapped these days by increasing costs to run your home and feed your family, now might be the perfect time to consider moving to another state or city that’s more affordable. If you work from home or work in a field that’s in high demand, you can make the transition pretty easily. 

Finding the right movers

Once you land your new job or decide that you’re ready to move, it’s time to find reliable movers. Not all moving companies are the same. It’s important to take your time and select ones like the North American Moving Company, which has a good reputation and competitive rates. Go through the phone book or look online and narrow your search down to 3 to 4 companies. Then contact them one by one and get a written estimate. If any company is unwilling to provide you with one cross them off your list. You should also avoid scheduling your move during the peak season, which is generally anywhere from the beginning of May through September, as the rates during this time can increase by up to 25%. If the new job needs you to start during the peak season, then make the pickup date on a weekday to save some money.

Bring only what you need

Moving involves careful planning to minimise the stress. In order to benefit from the move and reduce the cost of hauling your things out of state, you must declutter and leave behind items that you no longer need. This is especially true if you have a large family or you have lived at your home for several years. With the items, you decide not to take, you have a few options. You can have a garage sale and earn back some money that you can use towards the move. Or, if you prefer, you can give furniture and clothing away to family and friend or donate them. Whichever you decide you’ll unload a lot of extra items and reduce the amount of space you need on the moving truck, thus lower the final cost of the move. 

Additional ways to save money on your move

In addition to scaling back on your items, you can also acquire the boxes and packing supplies on your own. Most moving companies include boxes and packing supplies in the initial written estimate. By removing these fees you can end up saving a few hundred dollars or more. You can go to a local packing store and purchase the boxes or you can visit supermarkets and local stores in your area and see if they have any unwanted boxes you can have. Most businesses get deliveries a few times a week and if you time it right you can get all the boxes you want for free. Just make sure to read over your agreement with the moving company and acquire the right number and the right sizes of boxes. If you go over on either account, you’ll end up losing the savings you gained. 

Pack your things

Many people don’t realise that they have the option of packing the boxes themselves when they hire movers. If you have the time and you want to reduce your expenses even more. Pack on your own. If you have family and friends nearby, host a packing party. This way you’ll get the job done quickly and you’ll get to see all your favourite people and give proper goodbyes. As a reward for all their hard work, you can provide food and beverages. 

Moving to a new location to save money on the cost of living doesn’t have to wipe out your savings. With a little planning, decluttering and the willingness to do some of the work on your own, you can make the move for far less than you imagine.    

Financial Incentives That Might Make A Move to Another State Beneficial


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