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Ever since the children were tiny we have found the hardest times as a parent are those when the children are sick. The times when you can’t do enough to help them, when you can’t magically fix it and when you really wish there was more that you could do.

Now the children are older they seem to cope a lot better with the constant stream of bugs that they pick up at school – with the snotty noses and coughs that seem to get passed around each time a new term starts. But, they always find colds hardest to deal with overnight when their coughing keeps them awake, when they can’t breathe as well and when they’re tired and grumpy too.

Helping the Children to Breathe Easy with Colief

But now Colief have launched their Breathe Easy Patch which is set to make breathing easier for the children each time they’re under the weather. The patches are suitable for age three and over and they work as a gentle and soothing decongestant which sticks easily to the children’s pyjamas or bedding helping the children to sleep a lot better when they have a blocked nose.

When the children were babies we would use plug in vaporisers but used to find that the smell would be overpowering – and the whole upstairs would end up smelling of decongestant. The patches have a lovely smell of eucalyptus, peppermint, lemon and rosemary oils and the minute you take them out of the packet you know that they’ll clear airways – they have that familiar decongestant tingle to them. But, the patch form means that the decongestant will be used right where it’s needed – by the child that is wearing it.

Little Man wore the patches during a cold recently and he immediately commented on the smell – that is smelt like medicine. But it’s not a bad smell at all and it really helped him to breathe more easily. Plus, as the patches were attached to his pyjamas they didn’t aggravate his skin at all – and in the morning we simply pulled the patch off and threw it in the bin.

Helping the Children to Breathe Easy with Colief

LP and Little Man both get so miserable when they can’t breathe well overnight but the mix of essential oils in the Breathe Easy Patch work to open up their airways and reduce discomfort. Little Man definitely slept better when using the patch and it’s great to know that, although the patch works, it also keeps the actual oils away from his skin, airways and eyes, minimising the risk or irritation, something I always worried about when using essential oils with the children.

The patches come individually wrapped and are perfect to keep in the medicine cupboard and to even take away with you – you never know when your children may come down with a cold and so the patches are so convenient to keep to hand and I know we won’t be without them now.

The Colief Breathe Easy Patch is suitable for children three and over, and is available from selected branches of Lloyds Pharmacy, Superdrug, Holland & Barrett and Independent Pharmacies. RRP £5.99 for a pack of six individually wrapped self-adhesive patches.

Helping the Children to Breathe Easy with Colief


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