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What do you think of when you imagine your dream holiday abroad? For me, it’s sun, sand, quality family time and a cocktail or two in the evening whilst enjoying the local entertainment. From Greece to Jamaica, Mauritius to Mexico, there are always so many cocktails to enjoy on your travels and a whole world of history and culture to immerse yourself in too.

Our Favourite Cocktails from Beaches Resort

Beaches Resorts have put together their top Caribbean cocktails and just hearing the names and ingredients transported me right back to our first holiday abroad, in the Caribbean back in 2004. It was nearly 20 years ago and yet so much of it is still so vivid in my mind – from the friendly people and beautiful beaches to the fantastic food and the amazing cocktails enjoyed under the stars.

Our Favourite Cocktails from Beaches Resort

I remember getting to the resort, having travelled for the best part of the day. It felt so late and yet it was only about 2pm in the afternoon local time. We dropped our bags at our room and went straight to the bar in a happy haze of holiday euphoria. We felt on top of the world.

The barman asked what we wanted and we said we’d like what the couple next to us were having. We called them traffic light cocktails – green, amber and red. They were just everything a tropical cocktail should be and looked as exciting as any cocktail could get.

All this time later and a holiday doesn’t go by where we don’t get a traffic light cocktail. One that reminds us of a whole lifetime of holidays and that incredible holiday feeling we felt on our first trip abroad. It’s only now that I know Beaches call those iconic cocktails the Frozen Bob Marley, and that is exactly what I’ll be asking for in future.

What are your favourite cocktails to enjoy on your travels? Why not make some of the Beaches Resort favourites at home this summer and get transported right to the Caribbean!


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