Reasons to Buy a Hybrid Mattress

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Buying a new mattress is always a big investment and one that you will think long and hard about. We have mattresses for a long time, spending a lot of our life laying on them and relying on them to give us the best sleep possible. It’s really not a decision that should be made lightly. And yet, with so many options to choose, how do you decide? Well, we suggest a Simba hybrid mattress.

Reasons to Buy a Hybrid Mattress

What is a Hybrid Mattress?

A hybrid mattress is also sometimes referred to as a combination mattress. It is a mattress made of many layers that combines springs and foam layers for the best comfort and support. The foam layer in a hybrid mattress can be memory foam, cooling gel or latex. With all options, the foam helps the mattress to contour to your body shape and ensures the mattress is as comfortable as possible. 

Hybrid mattresses combine the very best attributes of sprung mattresses and foam mattresses to give the perfect night sleep. Here are a few more reasons why a hybrid mattress could be a great investment for you:

Reasons you should buy a Hybrid Mattress

  • Hybrid mattresses are incredibly comfortable, giving the bounce and support of a pocket sprung mattress, with the comfort of foam. They’re perfect if you often change sleep positions, giving comfort however you sleep.
  • The foam, combined with supportive pocket springs, give the mattress a really plush, luxurious feel. You will feel like you’re sleeping on air with a hybrid mattress and sleep will be effortless.
  • Due to the comfort levels of hybrid mattresses, many people report improved sleep quality with a hybrid mattress. And a decent night’s sleep really is a priceless thing.
  • Hybrid mattresses can be used with any bed frame types. Whether you have a wooden bed, metal bed frame or an ottoman storage bed, a hybrid mattress will be a great choice for you and easy to set up too.
  • Another great benefit is that hybrid mattresses offer a cooler sleeping enviroment. The foam layer allows air to flow and helps to keep your temperature regulated whilst you sleep.
  • If you’re a light sleeper you won’t be woken up by your partner moving in their sleep. The pocket springs all move individually meaning that movement isn’t transferred across the mattress. 
  • Unlike sprung mattresses, hybrid mattresses stop you from rolling together – or rolling off the edge of the bed. You’ll be lovely and comfortable wherever you sleep on the mattress without rolling into each other.
  • Hybrid mattresses are easy to care for. You don’t have to flip them over like a traditional mattresses and instead just rotate them regularly.

How much do Hybrid Mattresses cost?

The cost of your hybrid mattress will vary depending on the mattress size that you need. Expect to pay hundreds of pounds for a hybrid mattress but know that it will stand the test of time and be the very best investment. Also, many mattress retailers offer payment plans and have fantastic sales on throughout the year where you can often pick up a hybrid mattress at the very best price.

How to set up a Hybrid Mattress?

Hybrid mattresses arrive rolled into a box, making them much easier to transport and move into your room of choice compared to a traditional mattress. To start using the mattress, you simply put it in position, unroll it and remove the packaging before leaving the mattress to inflate.

Hybrid mattresses are usually ready to use within around six hours but inflate fully within three days. You can be guaranteed a great nights sleep from the first day you receive the mattress but it will be that much more bouncy after those first few days.

I hope that your new mattress gives you many nights of fantastic sleep and ends up being a really worthwhile investment. There really is nothing worse than an uncomfortable mattress – and a bad nights sleep. 


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