How to Organise Ottoman Bed Storage

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When we had our loft conversion, bedroom storage was a key part of the planning process and something we really had to think about. We decided early on that we would only look at ottoman beds for our new bedroom as they offer so much more storage space compared to standard king size beds and that organising that ottoman bed storage would be a priority.

How to Organise Ottoman Bed Storage

Why choose an ottoman bed?

Ottoman storage beds have built in storage that covers the whole area inside the bed frame under the mattress, pretty much from floor to slats. Unlike beds with storage drawers, they have a much bigger storage capacity and are perfect for small bedrooms, loft conversion and even a spare room where you might want to store household supplies or belongings.

How to Organise Ottoman Bed Storage

Ottoman beds are also nice to look at. If you have a standard bed without drawers, any kind of underbed storage will end up looking messy or out of place. Having built in storage always seems like such a tidier, more practical option.

What to store in an ottoman bed

I wanted to store things under our bed that we didn’t use very often but needed to have access to. I made a list of everything that I could think of that could potentially go under the bed. This included our other season clothes – winter clothes in summer and summer clothes in winter.

Guest towels and beach towels that we didn’t use often, festive clothing, swimwear, old sentimental clothes like our favourites from when the children were babies and my one day clothes that don’t fit right now but might in the future. It makes sense to plan what could fit in the storage space and then tick things off as you add them later. You never know, you may be able to fit more than you realise. Plus, there’s nothing nicer than an organised bedroom!

Organising Ottoman Bed Storage

Then we had to decide how to fit everything under the bed and make it as organised as possible. As we were only storing clothes and other squishy things, and the bed would be pressing down at least slightly on everything we stored, I didn’t want storage options that were too rigid.

I wanted to make sure that however we stored things they were easily accessible but also had some give in them so they would be able to live up to life inside an ottoman bed.

In the end I came up with two choices. Either, typical zipped underbed storage bags or fabric storage boxes. In the end the fabric storage boxes won as they held their shape better than the bags. I chose ones that had handles so we could easily move them about and reposition them and we could overfill them slightly without any issue.

How to Organise Ottoman Bed Storage

I ordered 24 of these fabric storage boxes which fit the space under out king size ottoman bed perfectly and then made a list of what items were in them as I was filling them. The boxes worked so well – with reinforced tops and bottoms but also folding flat for storage if we didn’t need them at any point.

Once everything had a home under the bed I ordered personalised labels from OnTheNiceListDesigns on Etsy. Emma makes labels to any size and colour specification and they arrived really quickly and were easy to apply. I have no doubt they’ll stand the test of time under the bed!

How to Organise Ottoman Bed Storage

So now we have beautiful, practical under bed storage that has been well organised and can be easily sorted and switched around as the years go by. I’m so pleased with this storage solution and can’t wait to get to work on other areas of our home.

How to Organise Ottoman Bed Storage
How to Organise Ottoman Bed Storage

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  • N has a double ottoman and it’s been brilliant. He has a wall of storage, but mostly chest of drawers for clothes and wardrobe, then book case for crafts and books. So no space for toys really. It’s a bit of a free for all under his because it’s mostly games, large books, lego and bits and pieces. But it’s so nice to get floor space back rather than having to have boxes of toys out. I definitely think I’d opt for one for my bed next time given the choice. Under ours is so messy because it’s rammed with sentimental items, photo albums and jigsaws, so is very messy underneath. Impressed you got yours up loft space stairs, as they struggled to get N’s up our stairs which go round rather than straight up.