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On 16th- 17th July the Lawn Tennis Association are hosting The Great British Tennis Weekend where they celebrate what may well be Britain’s most iconic sport and one that I loved playing as a teenager.

At school we had astro turf tennis courts and I remember the amount of time I spent out there, in my own little world, hitting a tennis ball back and forth with anyone that would play against me. I loved the fact that I could just do my own thing and be accountable for my own success. I didn’t have to go through the ordeal of getting picked for teams and it was something I really enjoyed.

The Great British Tennis Weekend is Coming Up! #GBTW

I remember going to Wimbledon for the first time when I was sixteen. We sat on the hill watching Center Court games on the big screen, eating strawberries in the sun. Late in the day we snuck into Center Court, asking a friend security guard if he minded if we sat in one of the many empty seats at the back. We watched Anna Kournikova play a female doubles match and it was one of the most fast paced games I had seen up to that point – it was incredible.

I stopped playing tennis after I left school, although watched Wimbledon on the TV when I could around work. Years later I ended up working right next to the Wimbledon tennis tube station in Southfields. For those two weeks every year the whole area was a buzz. It was full of tourists, tennis fans and professional tennis players, all full of excitement and such a love of the sport. Although I was working and so couldn’t really watch the matches we had the radio on and being so close to the action was incredible – the atmosphere was electric.

The Great British Tennis Weekend is Coming Up! #GBTW

The Great British Tennis Weekend – Saturday 16th July and Sunday 17th July – opens doors across the UK to give families the chance to book sessions at their local tennis club. It’s fun, it’s family-oriented and it’s completely free! Tennis is a fantastic sport to start at any age and it would help children get active, improve their hand eye co-ordination and learn how to play sports. So if you are looking for something to do that weekend, get in the tennis spirit and book sessions for the whole family – you can visit the ClubSpark page to find a session near you.

The Great British Tennis Weekend is Coming Up! #GBTW

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  1. Ooh I love tennis, that’s what summer is all about! Can’t wait until my girls are old enough and my husband is mobile enough to play as a family πŸ™‚

  2. I loved hearing about your excitement of tennis and sneaking into Wimbledon as a teen! It’s so true that it really is a game that anyone can play – young or old, and it can be enjoyed by families.

  3. I’m so gutted we haven’t got any within 20 miles of us, plus the weekend clashes with when we go camping. I always keep a watch out because N loves playing at school/tennis club, so I’m hoping we’ll join the club in the next village and I can try and get back to it…considering I was tennis captain at both secondary school, 6th form and played for the team at uni (one of my proudest moments was winning the U14 north oxfordshire schools tournament…only 3 entered, all from our school! before getting absolutely wopped by all the private school county players at the county championships afterwards), I was shocking at mini tennis at BML. I’m blaming all the squash I did at uni and then afterwards!

  4. I’m so jealous that you managed to sneak into Wimbledon!

    I worked in a minor injuries unit a few years ago and we weren’t allowed to put the TV on. When Andy Murray was playing in the final on the Sunday though there was no management there so we put it on in the waiting room. Patients, nurses and staff were all glued to the tv and we all agreed work should stop until the game was over πŸ˜€

  5. I love Wimbledon and have been lucky to go twice, sadly missed out on tickets this year. But, I have been watching it and its one of the only sports I watch. We are all signed up for the tennis weekend, can’t wait x

  6. I was actually rubbish at sports at school, all of them, including tennis. But you’re right, team sports are so stressful for someone who isn’t great naturally. Doing tennis as a family is a lovely way to just help them gain some confidence.

  7. Henman Hill… showing my age now πŸ˜€ Love the idea of tennis, just not the sitting watching. Strawberries and cream, yes please! Am actually looking forward to our session!

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