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Each Father’s Day I have a lot of people to think about. My husband, as an amazing dad to our children, my father-in-law as well as two dads in my life – my biological dad and the dad who brought me up. I have a lot of dads in my life!

Our Father’s Day

Since having our own children, Father’s Day has really been about our little family unit celebrating together. We often go out for a nice meal or make something nice at home. We’ll go out for the day – to the seaside, to a National Trust site to blow away the cobwebs or we might even organise a weekend away, a trip to London or a theme park adventure. We always try to do something special for Father’s Day each year.

Love for All Dads this Father's Day with Boots

I’ll send my own dads cards each year but the main focus is really on my husband, Dave, and the kids. They love to pick out cards, help choose gifts and talk about what their Daddy would like most this year.

The children love talking about their Daddy. His interests and the things he does that make them laugh so hard that their belly hurts.

We often talk about his love of Star Wars and Lego – that the children now share, his ability to help them with pretty much any computer game and his joy at doing the ironing each week! They also appreciate his sense of humour and his dad jokes. His favourite one is a classic:

There are two fish in a tank. One fish turns to the other and says, “How do you drive this thing!?

Father’s Day Gifts

Boots have always been a go-to when buying gifts for the men in my life. With aftershave, electricals, shaving products and fantastic gift sets, I always know I’ll be able to find something perfect there.

Love for All Dads this Father's Day with Boots
Father’s Day gifts from Boots. Ted Baker Body Spray Trio, Bed Head for Men Matt Separation Wax, Gillette Labs Razor with Exfoliating Bar Starter Set, LACOSTE Red and Gucci Guilty.

This year, they have so many great ideas when it comes to gifts for dad. They have products to suit all budgets, with aftershaves at every price bracket – from the cheap and cheerful Lacoste Red to luxury brands like Gucci Guilty.

Love for All Dads this Father's Day with Boots

As well as aftershave, Boots also have a really great range of bath and body products, body sprays and hair care. They have so many products that would be perfect gifts for him.

This also goes for shaving products, with razors, shaving gel and skincare options at a price that works for you, but also choices every dad would love to receive. With different skin types and so many different preferences when it comes to facial hair, Boots always has the right option for the dad in your life.

Love for All Dads this Father's Day with Boots

So, we’re all set for Father’s Day this year. The children have their Daddy’s gifts all ready for him and we’re thinking about how we’d like to spend the day. Do you have any plans for Father’s Day this year? When the time comes, I hope you have a lovely day with those closest to you.

You can find more inspiration for Father’s Day gifts over on the website.


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