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As regular readers will know, we have a cat. Leia has been with us since long before the children arrived and is very much part of the family. But, she isn’t getting any younger. Over time her tastes have changed, her eating habits have changed and long gone are the days when she’ll eat any cat food and be happy with it. She’s now fussier where food is concerned and we make sure that we invest in food that she won’t just like but will be able to eat and digest easily.

Pure Pet Food Review and Giveaway | AD

Pure Pet Food recently got in touch to introduce me to their range of healthy cat and dog food. Pure Pet Food was created when the founders realised that the majority of pet food on the UK market was high-processed pet food containing low quality ingredients. They wanted to change this and give pets a varied, high quality diet just like their owners.

Honestly, this isn’t something I had thought about until Leia started showing her age a few years ago. I thought pet food was pet food and it was only when she started having trouble digesting the mainstream supermarket brands of food that I thought to try other options. Pure Pet Food is just the sort of thing I was looking for.

Pure Pet Food Review and Giveaway | AD

Pure Pet Food make meals for pets with only fresh, human grade ingredients. The meals are even prepared at a human grade food facility – and it’s all made in the UK too, in Yorkshire. The meals are either created through dehydration or freeze drying, helping them to retain all their goodness and nutrients whilst making them really convenient to store with a long shelf life.

The Pure Pet Food range started with dog food and has grown to cover a lot of different dietary needs for the dog in your life. They have meals for fussy dogs, dogs with sensitive skin or sensitive stomachs and for dogs with colitis or pancreatitis. They’ve also created food for cats and Leia has been pretty happy with the Treat Starter Pack that she’s been working through.

Pure Pet Food Review and Giveaway | AD

The cat food just needs water adding before serving which allows the food to expand in the bowl instead of in your pet’s stomach which makes it easier to chew and reduces bloating whilst helping to keep the cat hydrated too.

Pure Pet Food Review and Giveaway | AD

The Surf & Turf cat food is a complete meal full of freeze dried chicken and white fish and Chicken Feast is similar – it just doesn’t have the fish in it! Both meals are free from grains and potato and they have superfood ingredients added too. It really is a healthy balanced meal for your feline friend. Over the last couple of weeks we’ve been slowly introducing the new food to Leia and she seems to really enjoy both flavours. Pure Pet Food is unlike anything she has tried before. Pure Pet Food recommend taking time to transition your pet across to Pure Pet Food as it will be so new to them but Leia is now across to full Pure Pet Food meals at each sitting.

Pure Pet Food Review and Giveaway | AD
Pure Pet Food Review and Giveaway | AD

The Taste of the Ocean treats are freeze dried chunks of white fish that Leia absolutely loves. She’ll do anything for fish and these are the perfect bite size treats for her to enjoy between meals.

Pure Pet Food Review and Giveaway | AD

Since we’ve started using Pure Pet Food Leia has seemed a lot happier eating her meals. She used to spend a lot of time grazing rather than eating a whole meal. She hasn’t been sick at any point and seems happy in herself too – which makes us happy too! You can find out more about the Pure Pet Food range over on their website.

Pure Pet Food Review and Giveaway | AD


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  1. The cat pack, I have one cat who is really fussy and a little freeze dried chicken treat crumbled up on top encourages her to eat so this would be perfect.

  2. Any cat pack, please! It’ll be touch and go whether or not fussy Raffles enjoys it, but as with any foods we discover is not to his taste we pass on to the local Cat’s Protection so it doesn’t go waste.

  3. The dogs senior starter pack would be great, our fur-baby is starting to reach her twilight years and we would love to keep her fit and healthy for as long as possible.

  4. Chicken Feast! My Cat is so fussy, its difficult to ‘swap up’ her food.. but I think she’s getting bored of the one she uses now so it would be nice to try something different!

  5. I would love to win the kitten/adult treat pack please. We have six cats and one of them has a very sensitive tummy and another one is a fussy eater. The others all eat anything and would like to try it too! ?

  6. We’d like to try the adult cat pack as we have 4 cats and are really interested in the idea of dehydrated food. Like that it would save packaging and be greener due to reduced transport costs in terms of fuel usage as it is lighter.

  7. I would like to try the cat starter pack please. We used to feed our cats supermarket own brand cat food. Then one of our cats got very sick with a urinary tract problem. Our vet told us that we must stop feeding cheap cat food, as it can cause problems, especially in male cats. We have switched to a more up-market brand of cat food, which the cats definitely prefer to supermarket own brand as we get far less wastage. So far we’ve not had a recurrence of the illness. However, I would definitely be interested to try other healthy cat food varieties.

  8. I would love the Fussy and sensitive cat food for my Molly puss please, she is rather fussy. This food sounds great.

  9. Either would be great but I think I would prefer the dog one for our dog Jasper. Would be nice for him to try something new – he can get a bit bored with the same food.

  10. Cat, Surf and Turf. Though I would appreciate any, as would the pets. Do love to be kind and .Caring in regards to pets. We grew up with a number of pets, so certainly do appreciate their company. Whether our pet, family / friends / neighbour’s pets. They are so loving, curious, intelligent and can be great fun to be around. Love how the neighbour’s and acquaintances pets can be friendly, wanting to greet us, etc. I expect they smell scent of our. Pets and others. Their sense of smell being very powerful.

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