The Trauma of Teeth {The Ordinary Moments}

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Back in May Little Man had his first wobbly tooth that resulted in a gap quite soon after. He bit into a cracker at school and it came out. Simple. But, roll on a couple of months and he has three wobbly teeth. The rest of his front ones are determined to come out in quick succession.

I thought after that first tooth that wobbly teeth with Little Man would be a painless process – but I think that first one lulled us into a false sense of security.

Little Man’s next tooth was quite an emotional process. He wobbled it but didn’t want to wobbly it so much that it came out. He was forever touching it but so cautiously as he didn’t want it to come out. He would eat so slowly, stop talking mid sentence and he would hold the tooth in place when he was concentrating.

In the end his tooth was hanging on by a thread for pretty much two days. It turned him into an emotional wreck. He didn’t want it in his mouth, he didn’t want it out of his mouth. He didn’t know what he wanted but he definitely didn’t want help getting it out.

Thankfully after two days of solid trauma for all of us the tooth came out in the car on the way to a day out – and Little Man was so relieved. He seemed to instantly relax and was happy again straight away.

Wobbly teeth is something I really wasn’t prepared for before having children and I still can’t get my head around the vast quantity of emotions that wobbly teeth produce – and the rollercoaster that you’re on when your child has a wobbly tooth – whether it’s their first, sixth or last!

Little Man now has two wobbly teeth at the top which I am hoping come out sooner rather than later. And I hope they come out easily on a biscuit or biting into an apple. That was definitely the easier option!

The Ordinary Moments

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  1. I just had this exact problem with little Miss which I didn’t understand. She lost the first one and let me take it out just as it was hanging on. I thought great next time it’ll be fine. Nope. It was so loose on our holiday that it was lying sideways. She was having none of it and I was worried she’d swallow it. She said she’d take it out when she was back home. She actually waited until we arrived in Scotland and removed it. Tears flowed. I didn’t have any issues with the boys but they were almost 8 when the lost their first teeth. They are still waiting on a lot of baby teeth coming out even at 12. I feel for you xxx

  2. My eldest lost his first tooth on the plane flying from Australia to England. It was just me, him and his 2 younger brothers so I was already in high-stress mode. Just as we were boarding the plane he wobbled it and blood started going everywhere, I was panicking trying to find him a tissue while also trying to stop my 1-year-old from running off. Then, halfway through the flight, while the seat belt sign was on of course, it actually came out! I was sitting a few rows back but was worried about how much blood there might be so did a quick sneaky dive forward to check on him. Luckily there was no blood, but he was so excited!! Hope your little man doesn’t stress too much losing the rest of them! xx

  3. Much like your little man, J also lost one tooth then within quick succession lost a few more. E, on the other hand, hasn’t lost any yet and she is almost six?! I’m dreading the wobbly teeth time as she is such a sensitive little lady.

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