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Our family loves to read and we’re always looking for books to enjoy with the children that can inspire them in their day to day lives by learning something new or reinforcing values we hold close. We were recently sent A Robot Called B4 and it is such a lovely story that I had to share it with you.

Teaching Children to Protect Our Future with A Robot Called B4

What is A Robot Called B4?

A Robot Called B4 has been created by Worcester Bosch for World Earth Day this year. It tells the story of Ava and Alfie who put together a robot that they find in pieces, abandoned in a garden shed. The robot, called B4, helps them to travel through time, back to when dinosaurs roamed the world.

Teaching Children to Protect Our Future with A Robot Called B4

B4 helps to show the children how the past actions of humans are destroying the lush green planet we once knew. This makes Ava and Alfie determined to fight for a better future when they return home to the current day. They are full of ideas and inspiration, immediately talking to their parents about small things they can change at home to do their bit to help the planet.

A Robot Called B4 is written in such an engaging way. With different sized fonts, pictures dotted all over the place and sentences constructed exactly as a child would speak. We can really hear Alfie and Ava when we’re reading the book and their personalities shine through every chapter.

Teaching Children to Protect Our Future with A Robot Called B4

We all really enjoyed reading A Robot Called B4. It’s a fantastic way to educate children about the environment and instead of just listing things we can do to make changes, it shows the children a world that is green, clean and healthy – showing them what the world was once like and what it could potentially be like again.

The book also has some suggestions of things that families can do to make greener choices – recycling, composting and using less or greener energy. More than anything A Robot Called B4 is a conversation starter. Something to talk about with children and as a family and to see what small changes you can make to do your bit for the environment.

One thing we loved about this book is that it’s about the environment but also robots. Usually the environment and technology don’t go together in books but the two work really well together in A Robot Called B4 and I know the book would be a hit with any child that loves dinosaurs or robots.

It’s also a real adventure story with just a little bit of danger and a really positive ending. Although about the environment, it’s also a story that children will enjoy. With characters the children can relate to and dialogue they can easily understand, it’s a really lovely book.

Teaching Children to Protect Our Future with A Robot Called B4

Why have Worcester Bosch created A Robot Called B4?

The book aligns perfectly with Worcester Bosch’s brand values of warming lives and protecting our future. They hope to help family life be as comfortable and warm as possible, whilst promoting family values and with A Robot Called B4 they hope to inspire more families to read together – an ever dwindling tradition.

Worcester Bosch are also making big in-roads where more sustainable products are concerned. They are one of the first manufacturers to create a hydrogen boiler – which is better for the planet – and they are doing all they can to help people to live more sustainable lives and I think this book is a lovely part of that.

Teaching Children to Protect Our Future with A Robot Called B4

A Robot Called B4 is a great way of inspiring adults and children to protect our future. It’s perfect for reading together and opens up a lot of talking points with children to – from whether robots could really travel through time, to what their favourite dinosaur would be to meet and, more obviously, what can we all do to make the world a greener place once more.

You can read more about the book over on Worcester Bosch’s website here and it’s available as both an audiobook and digital download.

Teaching Children to Protect Our Future with A Robot Called B4


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