SmartGames Trucky 3 Review

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Little Man and LP love playing games but with LP at school and Little Man at preschool it’s nice to find things that they can play independently whilst their sibling isn’t there to play with them.

Review: SmartGames Trucky 3

SmartGames sent us Trucky 3 and we all loved it immediately. The cute trucks and brightly coloured blocks made it one of the most appealing games we’ve seen in a long time.

Review: SmartGames Trucky 3

With Trucky 3 there’s a book of challenges. On each page you are given a truck and different coloured blocks and you need to make the blocks fit in the truck but with the top flat, so it has a nice even load.

Review: SmartGames Trucky 3

The children loved trying to fit the blocks in the trucks and the fact the blocks could go in any number of ways really made them think. They found some of the challenges easier than others and even Dave and I had a go too – it’s not as easy as it looks!

Review: SmartGames Trucky 3

The one thing that confused the children slightly was that in some challenges empty gaps were left in the trucks – they would have preferred them being full up but when we explained the only rule was that the top had to be flat they understood it a lot better.

Review: SmartGames Trucky 3

Trucky 3 is a great game and although technically one player the children loved helping each other with it and I can imagine it being a great game to play around the dinner table after a meal or after dinner at Christmas with different generations having a try.

Review: SmartGames Trucky 3

We’ve loved playing Trucky 3 and I know it will be a game we get out constantly going forward. It helps the children think differently and definitely gets their brains working – plus, the trucks are cute too!

Trucky 3 has an RRP of £22.99

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  1. It really made me smile when you mentioned playing with this round the table after Christmas dinner because I could immediately picture doing just that with my family! It looks really fun, I think Rhys would love it, he’s much better at this sort of puzzle than me, haha! x


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