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Rock Painting with Chalkola | AD

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Over the course of the pandemic the children have spotted so many painted rocks left locally and many communities have created Covid Snakes made of painted rocks or kindness rocks projects too. This has made the children so excited to paint their own rocks and it’s a really fun activity to do with the children too.

We’ve tried many different materials to decorate and paint rocks but our favourite so far has been Chalkola Chalk Markers. With a wide variety of colours and really beautiful results, the children love them.

Rock Painting with Chalkola

What are Chalkola Chalk Markers?

Chalkola Chalk Markers are a liquid version of traditional chalk, making them much easier and cleaner to use. They come in such ,lovely colours – bright neons, pastels and even shimmering metallics – giving so many more colour options compared to traditional chalk too and without any dust in sight either!

Rock Painting with Chalkola

The chalkboard markers are non-toxic, completely child safe, easy to clean and work great on so many surfaces. They can be used on anything from a typical blackboard or whiteboard to windows and even crockery. But, we used them first on rocks!

Rock Painting with Chalkola

How do you use the chalk pens?

The liquid chalk markers are so easy to use – give them a little shake, remove the lid and pump the nib until the colour shows and then let your creativity run wild! The children found them so easy to use and were painting rocks soon after opening the packet.

Rock Painting with Chalkola
Rock Painting with Chalkola
Rock Painting with Chalkola

The range of colours are fantastic for creating so many different designs and the children loved picking out their favourite colour chalk paint pens and finding colours that were perfect for all their rock painting ideas.

Rock Painting with Chalkola
Rock Painting with Chalkola

On many materials like chalkboards, glass, mugs and plastic containers the chalk markers are erasable so you can design, erase and design again indefinitely. This is great for a blackboard in your kitchen with the weekly meal plan on it, signs in a restaurant or even drawing on the front windows so that people walking by can appreciate your artwork.

Rock Painting with Chalkola
Rock Painting with Chalkola

On other porous materials like rocks, paper, cardboard or fabric the markers are permanent. The children loved using the chalk markers on the rocks knowing that the designs would be there forever. The children really enjoyed their rock art and we loved watching them creating something timeless that they can leave in the garden to appreciate for years to come or drop on a walk for another child to find.

Rock Painting with Chalkola
Rock Painting with Chalkola

What were our overall thoughts of the Chalkola Chalk Markers?

We loved using the chalk markers. They’re great quality, have a really good capacity and work well. They have a nice, steady flow and were easy to use even with the children’s little hands. They’re sturdy, perfect for family life and have so many uses – the children are already looking for more things around the house and garden to decorate!

Rock Painting with Chalkola

If you’re looking for easy rock painting tools or a simple activity for children to do, as well as a way to expand on their creativity at home, the Chalkola Chalk Markers would be a great investment.


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  1. rock painting would be great with my son, we haven’t don it before so I think he would love it!

  2. Love the idea of the rock painting, I think fairy house doors are great too and with these you could do them on everything!

  3. These would be perfect for our grandchildren to use on the stones in our garden, think we’d get an assortment of comic characters and dinosaurs drawn all over them

  4. Our youngest would love to use them to decorate pot plants and perhaps some of the sticks collected on walks.

  5. these look really great quality! I have some slate hearts that would look great brightened up with these.

  6. My nephew loves animals, so would probably use them to draw animals on the garden slabs or on smooth rocks.

  7. Rock painting for sure, my daughter has really enjoyed colouring in rocks this passed year, it has been great fun and lovely to keep in the garden.

  8. I and my girls would practically use anything we find to paint. we have a collection of stones and living by the beach, the seashells are in abundance

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