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LP and Little Man have been using tablets for a couple of years now – Little Man has pretty much always had tablets in his life. But, we have always been strict on the amount of time they can use them for but sometimes you forget what time they started playing or worry that they’re accessing the wrong things. This is where Kidslox comes in.

Starting to use Kidslox - a Parental Control App

Kidslox is an application available for iOS and Android devices that allows you to limit the time and access to other applications on the tablet or smart phone. This is very useful if your child doesn’t have their own device to play with, and are constantly wanting to have a go on yours.

As we all know, there are plenty of apps and games available through app stores that are aimed at children with their favourite brands and characters bought to life at the end of their finger tips. Kidslox basically acts as a safeguard against little ones accessing applications or content that you don’t want them to have access to. You can download their favourite games and once it’s activated and set up, you can give your child free reign of your device without fear of them seeing something unsuitable, inappropriate for their age or even downloading extra content that would normally be paid for via an in app purchase.

Starting to use Kidslox - a Parental Control App

Kidslox works in conjunction with the internationally recognised Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) rating system. ESRB assigns age and content ratings for video games and mobile apps, enforces advertising and marketing guidelines for the video game industry, and helps companies implement responsible online and mobile privacy practices. In short, if the industry recommends that a certain app is suitable for a certain age group, Kidslox picks up on the age rating and will let you decide if it is suitable for your child.

Starting to use Kidslox - a Parental Control App

Kidslox will also let you have the final say as to whether or not you think your child should have access to a particular app, regardless of the ESRB rating. You can tell Kidslox to allow access to whatever apps are installed on your device. This is also true for any other app that may be installed on your device. You could let your child have full internet browser access or make Kidslox filter out inappropriate websites or contents, such as video, chat sites, app stores, social media etc… You could even lock out access to the camera if, like me, you find after just a few seconds in your child’s possession your devices memory is chock a block with selfies!

Kidslox also allows you to set a time limit as to when it’s restrictions come into force at a certain time or on a particular day. You can even use Kidslox to manage your child’s device remotely over the internet. Particularly useful if they are playing up for a babysitter and won’t give up their device!

Starting to use Kidslox - a Parental Control App

Kidslox is so easy to set up and now we’re up and running we’ll be using it more with the children over the next few months and will be letting you know how we get on – as well as telling you more about the extensive range of features available. For now, if you’d like to find out more just check out the Kidslox website – and you can even trial Kidslox for yourself with a 14 day free trial.

Starting to use Kidslox - a Parental Control App


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  1. Oh Donna, I really needed this blog post in my life. I looked into this sort of app last year and someone recommended Kidslock. I immediately bought the app and did not do anything afterwards. It’s been sitting there waiting to be used. It sounds easy enough to navigate and I like the fact you can control it remotely. I’ll definitely set it up this weekend! x

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