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Our children can’t be the only ones who seem to get poorly every year when they go back to school. After a summer away from the school environment, spending time mainly with family and close friends, going back to school and being in contact with so many more children means that all kids are likely to catch something in the first weeks or months of the school year.

Planning for the back to school illnesses

As the children go back to school we always stock up on things we might need and make sure the children are as fit and healthy as they can be for the new school year. They still take vitamins every day, drink plenty of fresh juice and get as much sleep as possible each night. But what else can you do?

Introducing Enterosgel Kids

The best thing we do now is prepare for any eventuality. We’ve recently stocked up on Enterosgel Kids ready for the upset stomachs that often come at this time of year. Did you know that Enterosgel is the only available treatment for acute or short-term diarrhoea, that is suitable for children under 12 years of age? It’s great to have it ready for when you need it.

10% of children under five visit the doctor due to acute diarrhoea each year in the UK and although symptoms usually resolve within 5-7 days it can be horrible and easily spread to the rest of the family. Enterosgel Kids helps make the diarrhoea pass quicker and this reduces the risk of it spreading too.

What is Enterosgel Kids?

Enterosgel Kids is a clinically proven, drug-free product that helps beat tummy bugs and traveller’s diarrhoea in children. Great for when you’re away on holiday but also good to have in case your children get stomach upsets from anxiety or stress as well as if they’ve eaten something that doesn’t quite agree with them.

Enterosgel Kids is suitable for the whole family, from birth upwards, so even if the adults have an upset stomach they can take it too. It’s a product that can help everyone, whatever their age.

Unlike many products, Enterosgel doesn’t have any known side effects, and doesn’t interact with other medications, making it a really safe choice. It can even be used by breastfeeding and pregnant women, plus it is preservative free and vegan friendly too. Literally a product for everyone.

Enterosgel Kids comes in a handy tube, perfect for busy family life and is also available in a travel-friendly sachet form too. It’s the sort of thing you can easily keep in your bag on days out, throw in a change bag or take with you on holiday.

To take Enterosgel, you simply mix the gel with a drink and it’s completely taste free, perfect for children with fussy taste buds! I usually hate anything soluble myself so I know how children feel taking medicines and supplements. There’ll be no worries with Enterosgel as it really doesn’t add any flavour or texture to your drink.

How does Enterosgel Kids work?

Enterosgel Kids works like a sponge to absorb harmful bacterial toxins in the gut, reducing symptoms of tummy bugs and diarrhoea. Plus, it also helps other gut-related complaints like IBS-Diarrhoea, traveller’s diarrhoea and food poisoning.

Unlike other diarrhoea treatments that work by rehydrating the body and have no effect on the duration of diarrhoea symptoms, Enterosgel targets the cause of the diarrhoea and reduces how long it lasts for. This makes such a massive difference to anyone suffering with diarrhoea as we all know how horrible it is constantly rushing to the toilet, suffering with stomach cramps and being wary of eating anything that may upset it even more.

It’s really important that we all maintain good gut health, especially children, and Enterosgel Kids really helps support this. Almost all nutrients are absorbed through the gut, which means that children get most of their nutrition from the food they consume. A healthy gut means children will absorb more nutrients from the food they eat.

Enterosgel is rated excellent on Trustpilot and so many people recommend it both at home and when travelling. Here are just some of the great reviews Enterosgel has had:

This is my go-to product when my son has a tummy bug. My son has very fussy taste buds, I simply mix this gel with his juice and there is no problem. Enterosgel Kids is a lifesaver it means my son is back in nursery sooner. Would definitely recommend it to other parents!
Maria Stass

Amazing stuff! My little boy was suffering from diarrhoea for almost 7 days. I put some of this gel in his drink and he was back to normal within 8 hours!
Samantha Reidy

Really easy to use! My little one had previously tried to take other medications and couldn’t stand the taste of them, this has no flavour at all!! You literally just put it into a drink and they would never know.
Grace Manns

I feel really reassured having Enterosgel Kids in the cupboard, ready for when we need it. It’s a product I hadn’t heard of until recently but one that I’m really pleased to have discovered. I know that I’ll be using it when I need to and the kids are glad that we now have something they can safely take whenever they have an ‘icky tum’ too!

Enterosgel is widely available to buy from Boots, Asda, Amazon and many independent pharmacies. You can find out more about Enterosgel over on their website.

Win Enterosgel!

I have teamed up with Enterosgel to give away Enterosgel Travel Packs to five lucky winners. Each travel pack contains Enterosgel Kids and Enterosgel Sachets worth over £38. To enter, simply subscribe to the Enterosgel newsletter here. Good luck!


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