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I can’t be the only parent looking for ways to support our children’s learning at home, especially as they return to school after the latest pandemic lockdown. It’s been such a tough time for the children it’s great to find new ways we can help and support them with their education.

Over the last couple of weeks we’ve been using Eedi Family to help LP with her maths and it’s something I really thought you’d appreciate hearing more about too.

What is Eedi?

Eedi Family is an on-demand, online maths tutoring platform. It features lessons and live support from expert teachers for children in Years 6, 7 and 8 and over 98% of children feel more confident after their first Eedi lesson.

We signed up the free 14 day Eedi trial and loved how intuitive the platform was from the very first use. LP liked how easy Eedi is to navigate and how fun everything looked. She was so engaged from her very first lesson and really enjoyed working through the practices, questions and lessons in her own time. I asked her for her opinion of Eedi:

It’s the best thing I’ve used to help with my school work so far. I love the lessons and I can really understand angles better now. I can’t wait for Eedi to help me with fractions too.

What can children study using Eedi?

Children can choose to study any maths topic, at any level. Eedi suggests topics to work through but if there’s something a child isn’t sure about, needs to revise or wants to learn more of then they can pick that topic to have a lesson instantly.

Learning Maths with Eedi Family

This makes Eedi great for helping with homework, revisiting topics children have studied already in class or revising ready for exams. There are a few topics that LP has been struggling with and she was about to search for things like fractions, time or angles and find exactly the right things to focus on.

Learning Maths with Eedi Family

With the pandemic in mind, Eedi can help children catch up on missed work and lessons as a result of the school closures. It was such a tough time, trying to juggle parents’ work with the children’s school work and I know there were areas where the children really missed having a teacher in front of them and it’s only natural that many children will be feeling the need to catch up or refresh the topics they’ve learnt over the last few months.

Learning Maths with Eedi Family

Eedi lessons

When a child get an answer incorrect, lessons are offered and this is where the fun really begins! The lessons are run on an instant messaging style platform with cute animations, GIFs and dialogue that children really engage with. It’s intuitive for children to use and they’ll love sitting down to work through lessons with Eedi.

Learning Maths with Eedi Family

During standard working hours there are tutors on standby who can help if children get stuck during these lessons but they are also really easy to work through by just engaging with Eedi, the friendly computer tutor on the platform.

All of Eedi’s tutors are fully qualified and DBS checked and it’s great knowing they’re there if your child needs a hand. This makes Eedi such an engaging way of learning. Children will feel like they’re just chatting to a friend whilst learning maths at the same time.

Learning Maths with Eedi Family

Each lesson includes recap questions, an explanation around how to work out the answer, videos and worksheets. Whether your child learns through hearing things being explained, seeing it written down or just getting straight to it and trying for themselves, Eedi will work with them to help them understand the topic fully.

The Eedi interface

The Eedi interface is really easy to navigate. In your child’s learning hub, there’s a main Topics screen that works like a dashboard, showing what you’re currently learning, letting you search for more topics and showing your progress so far.

Learning Maths with Eedi Family

From there, children can navigate between topics, carry on with lessons or look at the achievements they’ve gained so far – and what they need to do to unlock even more achievements!

Eedi achievements

Something LP loved from the start was this achievements system within Eedi. As you work through lessons, topics and ability levels you’re rewarded. You get certificates and a celebration of confetti fluttering down your screen! It’s lovely and something that LP gets excited about every time it appears.

Learning Maths with Eedi Family

Getting into a good routine with Eedi

As soon as you’ve worked through your first lessons, Eedi recommends setting up a routine, with reminders, to help you focus on using the platform regularly. This is such a great idea and I know so many children really thrive from having a set routine.

Learning Maths with Eedi Family

As all children learn differently, and have different levels of engagement, it may be that your child would do fifteen minutes on Eedi each day after school. Others may do half an hour twice a week or an hour on a weekend morning. Eedi is available whenever works for your child and if they can only focus for twenty minutes at a time then they can save their progress and carry on another time.

We love how flexible Eedi is. From sitting with LP whilst she uses the platform I know that her attention varies massively. Some days she’ll only be able to focus for fifteen minutes before she loses concentration and other times she can happily work for an hour with no issues.

Learning Maths with Eedi Family

Unlike a private tutor who is booked for a set time and duration, you can use Eedi with the intention of sitting down for an hour. But if circumstances change or your child isn’t up to it, they can sign off until later with no money or time wasted.

Why should you try Eedi?

Eedi understand that every child should have access to one-to-one support, but not every family can afford a private tutor. Eedi makes that one-on-one support with real maths teachers accessible to everyone, for a tenth of the cost of private tuition.

Eedi offers unlimited, on-demand and tailored lessons for each child’s individual learning needs. It’s just like having a personal tutor whenever your child needs them at the push of a button and from the comfort of their own home or wherever they have a computer or tablet with internet access.

Learning Maths with Eedi Family

Over 100,000 children, parents and teachers use and trust Eedi and I can see why. It’s a fantastic platform that has been really well thought out to make it as accessible and useful as possible whilst giving children and their parents full control of their learning.

Eedi complements the work children do in school and adapts to each child’s needs. It’s a platform that really works at your child’s pace and helps them to excel at an affordable cost. After the 14 day free trial, Eedi costs just £1.99 per week, billed monthly as £7.99. Compared to private tutors who cost £15+ per hour, this is fantastic value and much more affordable for many families.

Learning Maths with Eedi Family

Unlike other services, when you sign up to the Eedi Family 14 day free trial, you don’t give any card details. You are completely free to use the platform for 14 days to see what you think of it. At the end of your trial period, access to the platform ceases and you’re not charged a penny unless you sign up to continue to use the service.

Sign up to the 14 day Eedi trial by clicking here. Once you’ve signed up, you just need to enter the code DONNA50 from within your account. Eedi is affordable already, but the code you applied will also get you 50% off your first 3 months (after the 14 day free trial has finished, no commitment). That’s less than a cup of coffee a week.

Learning Maths with Eedi Family


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  1. I think I managed to sign up correctly as I’ve been getting emails from them for the past couple of days (I’m yet to persuade my daughter to do her first session though!) but I didn’t get a bit to put the code in. Will have another look now.

  2. found it! managed to do that now. Looks really good so I’m hoping we get on with it as maths is our trickiest subject for homeschooling!

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