Me & Mine {January 2014}

Me & Mine is a family portrait project that I’m joining in with this year – although slightly late this first month!

I was going to put make up on, get us all dressed in matching outfits, put my contact lenses in and make everything perfect but I realised quite quickly that isn’t me, that isn’t us.

I wear jeans and jumpers. Dave wears 80’s inspired T-shirts and we both wear glasses most of the time. None of our clothes ever match and a lot of the time at home I spend in my PJs! I thought this month at least I would start with us, how we are on a normal day.

This is also the first time I’ve used a tripod and self timer – My photography skills are coming along very slowly but I’m enjoying it.

January for us has been an average month but with some huge jumps in Little Man’s learning – A month ago he was barely sitting – Now there’s no stopping him! I wonder what February will bring?


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  1. This is a lovely photo to start off the project with, just you guys snuggling at home together. Very cute. So glad to have you joining in with us. x

  2. You honestly cannot beat jeans and a jumper!!
    Great family shot! Looking forward to your other photos and you practicing your photography skills 🙂 It’s a great excuse to get out the tripod!

  3. I absolutely love this photo! LM’s face is a treat… “Oooooh what’s that funny thing beeping?!”

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