Long Haired Toddlers and What To Do With Them!

LP has always had a lot of hair. Even at birth she had a mop of bright orange that covered her head and since then it has just got longer and longer.

At first I clipped her fringe out of her eyes until it got long enough to tie her hair in bunches. We started off doing three bunches to encompass as much hair as possible – Two side bunches and one at the top of her head. From then we started doing two normal bunches but her hair has now got so long that bunches get messy and look ratty. I’ve now started to plait LP’s hair in plaited bunches instead of letting the hair hang in loose bunches.


As well as the plaits or bunches LP has a hair clip in either side of the hair just in front of her ears. Without the hair clips to tame her hair strands come loose almost immediately and LP ends up constantly pushing her hair from her face, it falls in her food and she ends up chewing it when she’s eating.

LP’s hair is becoming a nightmare. We do her hair first thing in the morning, take everything out for her nap time and then put it up again in the afternoon. It’s becoming almost a full time job! (Slight Exaggeration!)

How do you tame your toddler’s hair? Do you have any fail safe ways of keeping their hair under control? Any tips or hair styles would be greatly appreciated!

3 thoughts on “Long Haired Toddlers and What To Do With Them!”

  1. Our little bear never liked having ANYTHING in her hair until recently. Now we just find it easier and quicker to let her put her own clips/headband in. And bunches/plaits if she wants. It might not be very tidy for pre-school etc but it means we get out of the door in time. And it does look rather cute too. The de-tangling brush comes in very handy though πŸ˜‰


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