Me & Mine {November 2019}

Well, I have no idea where November went. It was October yesterday and yet today we’re in December. Is it just me or are the months going past quicker with each one?

Our November, although super quick, was lovely. It was grey and wet and cold but it was full of down time, time together and a month where we were at home for the whole of it. That never happens in our life, it was a novelty and something we really enjoyed.

We started the month at home, having come back from our disastrous week in Devon a day early. We cancelled our plans to go and see fireworks because of the weather and spent a weekend mostly at home apart from a little trip to Birdworld which was freezing but lovely.

Dave’s birthday is in November and to celebrate we spent the day at a local living history museum which was such a nice day out – and we can go back free for a year!

We finished the month celebrating other family birthdays and getting the ball rolling for a loft conversion next year. It’s all happening behind the scenes here and I’ll share more as soon as have some definite plans in place. But, all in all November has been a lovely month – and I’m now looking forward to seeing December whizz by!

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