Me & Mine {September 2020}

Well, September. What a month it has been. This month has been one of two halves for us. It’s been all about the children going back to school but it’s also been all about our loft conversion too.

The children went back to school at the start of the month and they are super happy to be back. There are no after school clubs, there’s no choir and they mainly eat lunch in their classrooms and have separate break times for different years.

But, they love it. Our children are so adaptable and so resilient that as long as they are at school and learning they are happy. And I’m happy that they get to finally see their friends again. It’s been really nice to see them enjoying school so much again.

Aside from that, our loft conversion started. We moved into a local AirBnB and have watched the progress each day. It’s only been 2.5 weeks and yet so much has happened already.

Our first floor ceilings have been lowered. The dormer has been built. The stairs are in. The first fix plumbing and electrics have been done. And we have Velux windows. It’s all coming together.

We have another ten days until we move back home and there’s so much to do in that time but I know it will all work out in the end. At that point the cat can come home too which we are all excited about – how we’ve missed her gorgeous furry face.

Aside from school and the loft we haven’t really done much this month aside from one little trip to the park, a litter pick and running errands. It’s been an odd month in that sense but we have made up for it with lots of dinners with the grandparents and lots of movie watching.

So September has been a busy month and I am sure October will be more of the same. I’m hoping things will be back to some sort of normal in November and I hope you’ve had a nice September too.

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