Me & Mine {May 2020}

Another whole month spent in lockdown. I actually can’t believe how quickly the weeks are passing and although we are safe at home it feels like we’re in limbo, unable to make plans or do much that feels normal.

This month Little Man turned seven. He had a lovely birthday despite the circumstances – getting a lightsaber and new Lego, having afternoon tea at home and even the birthday cake he really wanted. It was very different to other birthdays but we’ve promised him we’ll celebrate properly once this is all over.

Dave and I also celebrated 11 years of marriage. I say celebrated – we didn’t, but the day came and went much the same as any other but Dave took the day off work for us to spend together as a family which was lovely.

Aside from those two things this month has been pretty much the same as last month. Dave’s back to his old office job now which is a relief but I’d prefer it if he could be working from home, it doesn’t feel necessary him commuting to London at the moment.

The children continue to be schooled at home and I am trying to appreciate not having much work at the moment. It’s definitely a slower pace and a nicer work life balance than I’m used to!

May is usually one of my favourite months but it’s been overshadowed this year by coronavirus. That said, the weather has been lovely, the days have been long and we’ve had so much time together. It could definitely be worse. I hope you’ve had a nice May too.

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  1. Gorgeous family photo, Donna 🙂 I too am appreciating a better work-life balance, The challenge for me will be trying to maintain it once things go ‘back to normal’ at some point!

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