Me & Mine {March 2022}

I know I write this most months but I can’t believe that another month has passed already. The year is flying by and March has been a lovely month for us despite us all having colds for most of it.

March brought with it so many of our favourite things – daffodils, sunshine, warmer weather and longer days with the clocks change. Although we could have done without the clock change falling on Mother’s Day this year!

This month we have had some lovely days out – a day at Gatton Park, another at Painshill Park for Mother’s Day and a trip into London to see Wicked too. The days out though have been mixed with plenty of time at home, down time and relaxing. I feel like we have a good balance again now.

Before the pandemic life was busy. Really busy. We were away pretty much every weekend, having an occasional day or two at home. But, the pandemic forced us to slow down, spending months at home and appreciating what we have.

Now though, we have a good balance. We have a day or weekend at home and then we might have a day or weekend off having a little adventure. It’s nice and a balance we all really appreciate.

So this month has been a lovely one. Our first bright, hopeful month of the year. A month where the cold weather starts to disappear and where the summer is just around the corner. Oh March. A lovely transition.

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