Me & Mine {February 2021}

Well, that was February. The hardest month we’ve had in a while for so many reasons and one I’m definitely glad to be over.

This has been our last full month of school at home and I really hope it’s something we never have to do again. We have all found it exhausting and monotonous. The children cannot wait to be back at school.

We have mostly spent this month at home, in hibernation, willing winter to be over. Thankfully, the last days of February have brought spring with them and it’s made everything look and feel that much brighter.

There is no news this month really, no days out, no adventures. But, we’ve had some work done on the house – our fireplace ripped out ready for the new one and our patio is half way through being extended. That’s definitely a positive to end the month on.

Here’s to March – and brighter days ahead.

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