Me & Mine {April 2020}

Well, April is normally one of my favourite months. Brighter weather, longer days and spring in full bloom. But this year has been different and although it hasn’t been a bad month it hasn’t been amazing either. It’s been fine.

We had two wonderful Easter holiday weeks where the sun shone nearly every day, we practically lived in the garden and we just did whatever we wanted to do. There was no school work, plenty of snacky dinners and Dave and I had afternoon cocktails in the sun.

This month Dave’s been working shifts, I’ve been working behind the scenes on my website as paid work has been very quiet and the children have been schooled at home aside from during the holidays.

Honestly, this month has been fine. Dave is the only one that’s left the house but the children and I have spent so much time in the garden. We’ve read, played and relaxed – as well as baking and cooking constantly. It’s been a nice month really and not one we can complain about.

April 2020, the month spent at home.

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