What do we look for in a Family Holiday Abroad?

When I was a child my family weren’t in a position to holiday abroad but each year we would go camping. These holidays instilled in me a love of the great outdoors and a real love of quality family time – making sure that we worked to live rather than lived to work.

Now that I have children of my own that family time is so important and so we make sure that we have a couple of weeks a year where we all switch off, have time together and put day to day life aside to make as many memories as we can.

We first took the children abroad in Summer 2016. It was a holiday we waited for, until the children could appreciate it as much as us and remember it for years to come. It was a holiday we loved, one we still talk about now and one that taught us so much about what we wanted from future holidays together.

What do we look for in a Family Holiday Abroad? #SimpsonTravelFamily

This year, Simpson Travel have launched their ambassador scheme and I’ve spent time looking at their holidays, realising that they tick so many boxes when it comes to family travel and what we look for in a family holiday together.

Holidays for us revolve around enjoying the nice weather and swimming. As long as the children have a swimming pool they are happy – and access to a pool really helps the children’s confidence too. Each time we go away they come back even better at swimming than when we left.

What do we look for in a Family Holiday Abroad? #SimpsonTravelFamily

The children love a kids club on holiday. They love learning something new, making new friends their age and having time away from us – to make their own memories, let them feel grown up and independent, and give them so much to talk to us about when we pick them up.

What do we look for in a Family Holiday Abroad? #SimpsonTravelFamily

We love the kids clubs too. They give Dave and I time together, to appreciate each other’s company which we don’t really get a chance to do properly at home. They give us a chance to relax and unwind – or do something that we can’t do with the children around like water sports – or scuba diving in Dave’s case.

What do we look for in a Family Holiday Abroad? #SimpsonTravelFamily

As a family we love to go somewhere new, somewhere we haven’t visited before to see a new area, appreciate new views and to play on new beaches. There are so many beautiful places in the world that I would love to see them all before we go back and see them again. But, I would also love to revisit the places we saw before the children came along, seeing them again through the children’s eyes.

What do we look for in a Family Holiday Abroad? #SimpsonTravelFamily
What do we look for in a Family Holiday Abroad? #SimpsonTravelFamily

We love a holiday where we don’t have to do much. Where we don’t have to cook or clean, where transfers are organised or a car is waiting at the airport for us. Plus, we love to know that the company we are travelling with will be there – in person or at the end of the phone – if we need them. They usually know the area well and can point us in the direction of a nice day out, a quiet beach or a tour that we really must go on.

What do we look for in a Family Holiday Abroad? #SimpsonTravelFamily

But, one big part of any holiday abroad for us is the food. We love trying local cuisine and the children aren’t typical pizza and chips kids – they love to try the things we eat, have meals with us and really get to know the country’s food when we travel. Plus, there is always ice cream on holiday and ice cream is always a winner.

What do we look for in a Family Holiday Abroad? #SimpsonTravelFamily
What do we look for in a Family Holiday Abroad? #SimpsonTravelFamily

Really, for us, holidays are about quality time together, trying something new and immersing ourselves into a different culture and different way of life for a week or two. It’s about making memories and doing things that we all love – sometimes together and sometimes having time by ourselves too, making each holiday one that is perfect as a family and individually.

What do we look for in a Family Holiday Abroad? #SimpsonTravelFamily

And that is why I think Simpson Travel would be perfect for us. They are a holiday company that give a personalised service, tailoring a holiday to exactly what each group of holidaymakers want, making it the break away that really works for everyone. They have a creche in some locations, so many different types of accomodation and so many different locations but there are so many consistencies too. Beautiful locations, great facilities and lovely staff.

But, why would we be perfect for Simpson Travel? Because, even though we go away most weekends, even though we are hardly at home, we don’t go abroad often. Each time we go to the airport it’s the start of such a big adventure and the children’s faces watching the planes take off still have that look of pure awe. I know we would make memories with Simpson Travel and we would take beautiful pictures, make videos that we’d watch for years to come and we would still be talking about our holiday this time next year – when we start planning the next one.

I know that Simpson Travel and our little family could make sure wonderful memories, together.



  1. January 23, 2018 / 3:21 pm

    Found myself nodding along the whole way through. You’re so right about kids club too, I loved visiting them as a child and it helped me make so many friends abroad. Some of those views are breathtaking too.

  2. January 24, 2018 / 6:17 am

    Love this post and seeing all the photos of your happy holiday memories! There’s something about travel that really boosts children’s confidence and pulls you all closer as a family I reckon.

    Stevie x

  3. January 24, 2018 / 10:21 am

    Good Lucy Donna!! They all look so incredibly beautiful!! I love the idea of there being something for everyone and time to enjoy reconnecting with eachother xx

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