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How I Earned £2k in Quidco Cashback

Three years ago I wrote about Quidco. Back then we were still in a Quidco bubble, getting money drip fed into our account each month and my husband and I really thought it was money for nothing. Since then, nothing has changed except now Quidco lets you cash out the money as and when you like, making it easy to use it as a savings pot, withdrawing funds when you need them.

But this month we have gone over the £2,000 mark on Quidco. We started using the site in 2009 and have steadily earned anything from £100 – £500 a year, with most of that money coming from small credits when shopping online.

But here are the ways I’ve earned such a large amount of cashback simply by using Quidco online:

Insurance policies – Whenever I take out insurance I use a website like Money Supermarket to find the best value insurance for me. I then look at the insurance companies on Quidco to find which has the best cashback rate and then apply through Quidco. I never use Quidco Compare as the cashback rates are lower and I never, ever renew insurance automatically – and if someone sends me a massively inflated renewal price they don’t deserve to have my business for another year.

Mobile phones – Up until recently both Dave and I had contract mobile phones and each time they were up for renewal we would cancel the contract and start a new one, porting our number over. We would look at which mobile phone retailers offer Quidco cashback and then compare the phone prices between them, looking for the cheapest option for our requirements but with the highest level of cash back.

Utilities – Every year we review our utilities – gas and electricity as well as water if you have a choice of provider in the area – and we use a comparison site like uSwitch to find the best deal – before going through Quidco to get cashback.

Shopping – I have got into the habit of checking Quidco before I pay whenever doing online shopping. It’s a myth that you need to click the Quidco link before you start shopping. Instead, I keep everything in my basket, open a new tab and go to Quidco to see if the retailer is on there. If it is, I click the link to take me to the retailer’s website and then go back to my original tab to pay.

Holidays and hotels – Most holiday and hotel companies are on Quidco. This may be something we spend money on just a couple of times a year but even 1% cashback on a family holiday can cover your spending money whilst away.

ClickSnap – We use ClickSnap religiously each week when we do our online grocery shop. You just link your grocery account to Quidco and then take up the many ClickSnap offers that are available – discounts on food and drinks to free products. You buy the products and Quidco is automatically notified to give you the right amount of cashback.

High Street – We’ve registered our cards with Quidco so that when we go shopping on the high street we can still get cashback. This, for us, is mainly from shops like Halfords or Debenhams but there are more being added all the time.

Quidco Referrals – If you ask your friends to sign up to Quidco you can get £2.50 cashback when your friend registers and earns their first £5. It’s a great incentive to get people to start saving money too!

And that’s it. Following this process religiously has given us a constant stream of cashback and is now a habit. I don’t shop online unless I have checked Quidco first and I prefer to shop online than in store as there is more chance of getting cash back on purchases.

It’s my aim in life to never pay full price for anything – and Quidco definitely helps with that. You can find out more information about Quidco here.

How I Earned £2k in Quidco Cashback

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  1. I have been using Quidco a while, but I don’t do much online shopping. I get the odd bit of cashback from the high street. I really need to use it properly.

  2. I’ve been using Quidco since 2011 (when we moved back to the UK) and I constantly try and tell people about it and they can’t get their head round it. All the money they are throwing away – ahhhhh!

  3. I LOVE Quidco and I am about £10 away from 2k, but joined a few years before you. I never shop online without checking Quidco, and it’s amazing how quickly the pence and pounds mount up. Great post Donna as I am sure many people have not even heard of cash back sites and missing out on all that lovely money x

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