His Own Friends {The Ordinary Moments}

Being a second child means that you tend to follow in your older sibling’s footsteps. Little Man inherited LP’s friends, he tagged along to Birthday parties that she was invited to and went on playdates with us when her friends invited us to soft play, a day out or tea at their house. But until now he hasn’t really had friends of his own.

His Own Friends {The Ordinary Moments}

But that all changed when he started preschool. He was suddenly in a world where he could meet people his age – not just younger siblings of his sister’s friends. He could socialise and make friendships with a whole new group of people, all with similar interests to him and all open to having more friends. It really is great being three!

Since his very first day he’s been coming home telling us about his new friends, their names, their likes and dislikes and all the things he played with them. But, since the start of the year we have had physical proof of these friendships – as he’s had party invites of his very own, something that made him so happy and excited. There really is nothing like knowing that someone likes you enough to want to share their Birthday with you.

Little Man is now compiling his own Birthday list – of all the people he wants to invite to his party. He pretty much wants to invite his own class – as well as his sister’s friends, their siblings and so many family too. We have one incredibly sociable, incredibly sweet little boy who wants to share all the fun things in life with as many people as possible. I hope he never changes – and I hope that when his Birthday comes round that he has a wonderful day surrounded by so many of his very own friends.

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  1. This is adorable and it must be so nice to watch. Every day J comes home from nursery and declares which friend should be coming for a sleepover and who’s parent I need to talk to about it x

  2. Aw I love this Donna, so nice he’s making his own friends and being invited to parties. Alfie’s been at nursery for 2 years and would you believe has only had one party invite! One of the reasons I’m looking forward to him starting school so he can hopefully build proper friendships with play dates xx

  3. Aww this is so adorable and such a lovely thing to watch. My little one is always going on about her and her friend coming for a sleepover at their house and ours. I don’t think either would do it, but she invites them anyway. The boys do it at the school gate, I’m going to such and such house. I’m like ok, but who is their parent and do they know. xx

  4. Thats lovely that he is starting to get his own friends and identity. I’m the older child and still known as my brothers sister to most people

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