2p Machines {The Ordinary Moments}

We had a little break at a family holiday park a few weeks ago and I found one of my guilty pleasures whilst we were there – 2p arcade machines.

I have loved 2p machines since I was young, holidaying in Margate with my grandparents, standing on a chair to reach the 2p slot and putting coins into the machine for hours. I’d learn when the right time was to put the two pence pieces into the slot and cheer to myself when I won and treasure would fall out of the bottom of the machine, collecting in the shiny silver tray.

Sometimes I’d even win keyrings, fridge magnets and other niknaks that I’d store safely in my pocket and would then end up at the bottom of a drawer forever more. Even now I love 2p machines, love winning worthless pieces of tat that end up in the charity bag but love seeing how long Β£1 of 2ps can last me when I’m putting them into those machines one by one.

I introduced LP to the ‘money machines’ when we were at the holiday park and she loved them immediately. “More monies Mummy!” she would ask but we’d stick to the amount we gave her – 70p on the first day, all the change that we had. Watching her put the coins in whilst I held her up to the slot I was reminded of my own fond memories from childhood, the hours spent on Brighton pier with my parents, gazing into the glass tops of the machines and the little plastic tub you would store the 2ps in.

2p Machines {The Ordinary Moments}

I know that LP will now see 2p machines as an ordinary moment, something of a tradition but something completely normal. We’ll take her to use the machines when we go to Brighton, Newquay or any other seaside resort. It will be something she learns the knack of, something she loves and something that she’ll only ever spend Β£1 at a time on!

2p Machines {The Ordinary Moments}

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  • I used to love the 2p machines when I was little, it was something we always used to play on when we went on Holiday in the summer too or if the fair came to town. I can’t wait to introduce my two to them πŸ™‚ So lovely to see your little miss having fun and taking to a family tradition x

  • Such cute photos Donna and I agree, I love the 2p machines too! Such a nice childhood memory of mine and one that I know Mads already loves two in the couple of times we have been to the seaside. It’s so exciting for a little person to get their own tub and get to collect treasure! x

  • Nothing screams childhood like these AMAZING 2p machines! Getting a whole pound coin changed, so many copper coins jingling in your coin cup! Man…those where the days and I love that our own children can experience the same excitement! xx

  • I have to admit I’ve never used a 2p machine. Not sure why – they’ve just passed me and my childhood by! It looks like a lot of fun though, and it’s so lovely you can pass a little tradition of yours onto your little girl. I guess as she gets older too she’ll understand that they’re good in moderation and for treats – like when you are on holiday! The photos are really lovely Donna too. The last one of the two of you is great xx

  • I love this Donna because the penny arcade on the pier was many happy childhood memories for me! So much fun. Funnily enough i took F a couple of weeks ago too and he loved it πŸ™‚ x

  • I love this and what a great memory to share with your little ones and now be a part of their memories too growing up. I am visiting home (usa) now with my two and it’s great to be able to do all the these you did as a child now with your own kids and it becomes a part of their childhood now too. It’s been so emotional watching them go to all the places like the city pool or beach that I used to. This just reminded me of all of that. Love the photos and what great memories you as a family are all making together. Beautiful. #ordinarymoments

  • Oh I love the gamblers! Here is a little fun fact about me and my hub. You won’t believe me but. We have X Men skills. Yep. We win at the claspers. EVERY TIME! And those ones where you throw balls into buckets? Yep them too. It is so weird. So my girl loves it when we hit an arcade (trick to the bucket? Throw it in the air gently and twist the ball – watch it works) xxx

  • This is so cute and so very very true! Even as an older child I’d get excited about these machines, and to be honest I still like the air hockey tables these arcades usually have as well. Doesn’t 70p feel like a fortune when you’re little, too?