Our December Box

It’s a bit of a tradition now to have a Christmas Eve box, one that we will be doing but I realised the other day that I didn’t want to save our Christmas movies and books for Christmas Eve, I wanted to be able to read those Christmas books with the children, watch the movies and build up that Christmas excitement throughout December. So the December box was born!

Our December Box

Our December Box has our favourite Christmas movies – this will be a stash that we build up over the years and we already have a few that stay in amongst our DVD collection all year round – Miracle on 34th Street springs to mind! But in the box this year we have Mickey’s Christmas Collection, Curious George Christmas Movie and Polar Express, ones I know LP will love.

We also have Christmas books, these will probably be new ones every year to add to our collection – you can never have too many books, especially Christmas books! This year we have 12 days of Christmas, We Wish You A Merry Christmas noisy book and Santa Claus is Coming to Camberley! Who wouldn’t want Santa to come to their home town?! Such a lovely book that was £4.50 in our local Sainsburys.

There were a couple of stowaways in our December Box too – a pair of elves and Christmas George! My brother bought LP Christmas George for Christmas last year but a couple of weeks after Christmas she didn’t want him around anymore as it wasn’t Christmas anymore! He’ll be making a come back for December and then I hope he can stay with all her other toys in her bedroom rather than being put away until next year.

Our December Box

In future years, when the children both understand Christmas a bit more, I’ll be putting their Christmas jumpers in the box (they’ve had them already this year for their Christmas photoshoot!), maybe Christmas slippers, Christmas socks and anything else Christmassy I can find. December is Christmas month in our house.

Our Christmas Decorations will be up on 1st December along with our Advent Calendars and this December Box. Then I will take the hamper and fill it with everything ready for Christmas Eve! I can feel another blog post coming on.

Do you have any Christmas Traditions? What would be in your December box?


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  1. we do a Christmas Eve box too but I love your idea of a December box full of things for the month. 🙂 looks great x

  2. What a lovely idea! I really like the idea of building up to Christmas all month with a special box of Christmas stuff! I might give this a go next year! Thanks for the idea 🙂 x

  3. Ah this is a sweet idea. I am in the process of making a home made advent calendar to put little trinkets in for them, tomorrow will be their letters from Santa, Libby can’t wait for him to write back so I look forward to seeing her excitement 🙂

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