The Beginning of Us – Sanna’s Story {Wave To Mummy}

This week’s story comes from Sanna over at Wave To Mummy, a fairly new blogger with a beautiful daughter and a lovely family lifestyle blog. If you’re looking for something new to read then check her out – you can find Sanna over on Twitter too @WaveToMummy. Over to Sanna…

The first time we met was on a chair lift, in Chamonix, in the French Alps.

Now, the first thing you need to know about us is that I am from Finland, and he (my now husband) is from London. I used to live in Chamonix, then had moved back to Finland, and in January 2006 had gone back there for a holiday and to see my old friends. It was a week after I had submitted my UCAS application.

The Beginning of Us - Sanna's Story {Wave To Mummy}

The first morning I was there I met up with my friends, and they had brought some new folk to join us. We all went skiing, and it was a rather cold day. I was buried inside my hood, trying to keep warm, sitting in a chairlift, swept by high winds, and this guy I didn’t really even know and who had an ugly hat, was asking me a question after another. I replied rather curtly and matter-of-factly and that was the end of the attempted discussion. He thought I was rude, I thought he was too chatty.

The same evening I went for drinks at my old favourite haunt. Zoned in on my friends sitting at the back and joined their table. I immediately spotted a nice-looking guy sitting opposite of me. We got talking, I stole some chips from his plate and he told me off, we chatted some more, I admired his cool looking hat. We ended up sitting together for the whole night and just chatting away and he told me he was doing a season, skiing by day, and playing in a band at night.

The Beginning of Us - Sanna's Story {Wave To Mummy}

During that holiday we ended up spending more time together, after a while ended up in bed together, and soon it was time for me to go see some other friends in another ski town before returning home. When I got back home we kept texting, and chatting over the phone, and soon I had booked another holiday. This time I would be staying at his place.

A few months later I went back to Chamonix, stayed at his, and it was peachy at first, and then we had a bit of an argument about him having seen someone else while I was away, and I went back home pretty angry. He soon moved back to London as the season came to an end. We didn’t really text much, didn’t chat on the internet either much, and certainly didn’t call each other. I had a brief fling with another guy.

The Beginning of Us - Sanna's Story {Wave To Mummy}

During the summer I got accepted to a university in London. I wasn’t really sure whether or not I wanted to meet this guy from Chamonix again, and whether or not I should tell him I was coming to London. But at the same time, a niggling little voice was telling me that I was spending a rather long time thinking about this guy, maybe he was special… Come September, I sent him a text saying “I am moving to London to study, do you want to pick me up from the airport?”. And he did.

And as they say, the rest is history!

The Beginning of Us - Sanna's Story {Wave To Mummy}

Such a lovely story Sanna – I am so glad it worked out in the end! Who knows what would have happened if you hadn’t been accepted to a London university!

The Beginning of Us - Sanna's Story {Wave To Mummy}


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  1. Thank you for having me 🙂 and had I not applied and been accepted to a London uni… Funny how life is made up of these little coincidences, who knows what would have happened. Would we still have ended up together, maybe, maybe not.

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