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Exercising on a regular basis is not easy for most people. With families, jobs, social lives, and a general lack of motivation, it can often slip to the bottom of your agenda. When you find exercising physically uncomfortable, it becomes even less appealing. Luckily, with some investment and preparation, there are steps you can take to make the experience not only more enjoyable but also more beneficial to your health. Whether you are about to start exercising for the first time in your life, it has been a while since you worked out, or you are looking for ways to improve your experience, here are six great tips:

1. Buy a good sports bra

This point is clearly for women, but a good sports bra is an essential bit of kit regardless of the size of your breasts. A sports bra that does not provide adequate support or is uncomfortable to wear will restrict your ability to move freely and affect your confidence, especially if you are doing high-impact exercises. 

2. Invest in good footwear

Wearing the wrong footwear will not only be uncomfortable but could also lead to injury, so if you are going to spend money, it should be on your footwear. This is especially relevant if you will be jogging or running as you will be placing a lot of force on your feet and knees with each step. Over time, this can cause serious and permanent injury. You can also buy shock-absorbing insoles that will support your arches and reduce some of the strain on your body. 

3. Choose moisture-wicking clothes

Sweat is a normal part of exercising, but when you are wearing the wrong clothes, it can cause you to overheat and sweat more quickly, which will also lead to smellier clothes. Choose workout clothes that fit you well and will wick away your sweat and absorb odors, and you should feel comfortable for a lot longer. 

4. If you wear glasses, try contact lenses

For people who wear glasses, exercise can be even more difficult. Getting hot and sweaty and breathing heavily can lead to steamed-up lenses, the frames possibly falling off, and you run the risk of damaging them. If your glasses are interfering with your fitness, sports contact lenses could be the solution. 

5. Take it slow

If you have not exercised for a while, it is important to ease yourself back into it. Trying to do too much too soon might lead to burnout or injury, and that’s a sure-fire way to kill your enthusiasm. Think about your normal level of activity for a week, and then try to increase your activity levels slightly the week after. Gradually, you will build up your stamina. 

6. Find a workout routine that works for you 

Often people stop exercising because they just do not enjoy the activity, or they try to adopt a routine that doesn’t suit their lifestyle. Forcing yourself to get up at 6 am for a gruelling spin class might work for some people, but others would be more likely to stick with an after-work dance class, lunchtime yoga, or walking 3 miles a day. Choose a routine that you enjoy, and listen to your body when it tells you to take a break. 

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