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Over autumn and winter, gardens can be left unmaintained, so when summer comes around there may be quite a bit of work to do to get your garden summer ready.  So, where do you start?


Painting fences can instantly change a gardens aesthetics, and depending how many fences you have, can be a cheap option to brighten up your garden. There are a range of paints available for garden fences, including stain and wood protective paint. Choosing a wood protective paint is a better option, this will help prevent your fence from looking tatting and stop the wood from rotting. 


Next up is your lawn area, your grass may look unkempt with brown or yellow patches. You can treat lawns with fertiliser and feed, but if there are any further underlying issues, you may have to hire a gardener to complete more specific treatments, such as scarifying and aerating. The other option is buying new turf and starting from the beginning. It’s not as expensive as you think, check out these turf prices for an accurate estimation. Artificial grass is also a viable option and gets rid of lawn maintenance altogether!

Getting Your Garden Summer Ready


If you want your garden to be more practical, adding a garden shed can help keeping your garden tidy and add extra storage to your home. There are a variety of sheds from wood, metal to plastic, depending on what you want. If you have a smaller garden, sheds are available is an assortment of sizes, even if your garden is on the smaller side. 

Trimming & Pruning

If you have bushes, shrubs or trees in your garden, trimming or pruning them will tidy up your garden immediately. You can do this yourself, if you feel confident enough, or you can hire a gardener to do this for you. Doing this on a regular basis, will keep your trees, bushes and shrubs look tidy all year round, and will minimise the work too.

Adding Plants

If you want to add some colour to your garden, adding plant is a great idea. You can create flowerbeds or use pots to create a colourful, natural aesthetic. It’s always wise to research plants and understand how much sun they need. This will help you decide where to place flower beds or pots within your garden. If you don’t have space for pots or flower beds, hanging baskets can be attached in most gardens and still add colour. 

Getting Your Garden Summer Ready


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