Where to go Alpaca Walking in Berkshire 2024

We have only been alpaca walking once but it was such a nice, relaxing experience and something we really enjoyed doing as a family, making memories that we could treasure forever whilst having quality time together.

Since then I have been looking for more alpaca walks locally and alpaca experience days that we can book as family experiences or to give as gifts. Alpaca walks make wonderful gifts for all ages and for any special occasion. Plus, many gift experience websites have alpaca walks and also have special offers at various times of the year.

What is an alpaca walk?

An alpaca walk is exactly what it says – you get the chance to walk an alpaca. Alpaca farm experiences vary but you usually have one alpaca between 1-2 people and there are often other animals on the farm to meet. This could be just farm animals or things like meercats and other animals with their own feeding or handling sessions available to book. 

I thought I would put together all the alpaca walks in Berkshire to give you some inspiration for a day out or gift idea. I’ll add more as I come across them too.

Berkshire Alpaca Walks

Bozedown Alpacas

Enjoy a fascinating walk in the beautiful countryside. Lead an alpaca around the alpaca farm and learn more about the attractive, enigmatic creatures. The experience lasts up to an hour and a half.

Where: Bozedown Farm, Hardwick Road, Reading, Berkshire RG8 7QY

Cost: From £36 per person with discounts for additional walkers not leading an alpaca.Group walks for four people available for £132.

Find out more here

Alpaca Walks in the South East

Mortimer Alpacas

Why not enjoy a walk and picnic with the alpacas? Enjoy walking the alpacas, getting to know them and petting them before enjoying a picnic with them either of picnic tables or your own rug. The walks are 15-20 minutes with the rest of the time spent on interacting and engaging with the alpacas – it’s a really up close and personal alpaca experience!

Where: Little Park Farm, Beech Hill Road, Mortimer, Berkshire RG7 2AR

Cost: From £28.50 per person.

Find out more here

East Sussex Alpaca Walks

Spring Farm Alpacas

Walk alpacas and llama around the beautiful farm in East Sussex. Alpaca walking is huge fun for everyone and the walk itself to last about 50 minutes across undulating fields all within the farm boundaries. After the walk, you will pay your walking alpaca in carrots – provided ready chopped! The entire experience lasts about two hours.

Where: Spring Farm, North Hall Lane Fletching East Sussex TN22 3SA

Cost: £36 per person walking an alpaca and £18 per additional person walking the same alpaca.

Find out more here

Northiam Alpacas

An alpaca experience at Northiam Alpacas allows you to enjoy a walk with loved ones or friends as an exciting and different activity that takes you out into nature. The experience lasts around an hour.

Where: Rock Hill, Horns Cross, Rye, East Sussex TN31 6JF

Cost: £35 per person walking alpacas and £10 for anyone not walking an alpaca.

Find out more here

Stud Farm Alpacas is another option but they aren’t taking new bookings at the time of writing. Broad Oak Alpaca Farm is another great option but just over the border in Hampshire rather than Berkshire.

Alpaca Walks in the South East

I hope that’s given you inspiration for an alpaca walk near you. If I’ve missed off your favourite please do get in touch and let me know. I’ll add more as I find them too. 

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