Where will we be in Five Years Time

The other day Katy wrote about where she would like to be in five years time and tagged me to share my thoughts of the future. Time seems to be going so quickly at the moment that it’s hard to think where I’ll be in a few years as five years ago seems so recent – yet, Little Man wasn’t born, LP was just a year old and I was only just thinking about going back to work after maternity leave. I was a Bank Manager, we’d been living in our house only a couple of years and back then everything was just ticking by.

But in the last five years we’ve completed our family, had some amazing holidays and I have gone from a typical day job to being a full time blogger. Our life has changed hugely in those five year.

So what will the next five years hold?

Location – Realistically we’ll still be living in the same area, if not the same house. We have plans to do more work to the house – maybe convert the loft and give the garden a big overhaul. But, if the loft conversion doesn’t work out we might potentially move house although it wouldn’t be a move we make lightly. Both children were born in this house so we are massively attached to it but we’ll see what the next few years hold.

Career – I hope in five years I’m just doing more of the same. I am literally living the dream where work is concerned and I can’t imagine doing anything else – I love my job. I don’t see myself branching out too much but I’d love for there to be a What the Redhead said shop one day – I’ll keep you posted on that one.

Travel – There are so many places I’d love to have been to and seen in the next five years, places I’d love to introduce the children to. I hope by the time the children are eleven and nine that we’ve been to Florida at least once – to see Mickey and his gang and the Magic Kingdom. I also hope we’ve been on a city break by then – LP wants to go to Paris and I’d love to take them both to Rome. I’d love to go on another Mark Warner holiday – to Corsica or Sardinia and also to take the children camping or glamping – they would love to sleep under the stars.

Finances – I think our finances will be in the same position in five years although, hopefully, with a smaller mortgage and no car loan. I don’t think I’ll be earning massively more by then and we’re comfortable financially at the moment so more of the same for this – and hopefully some money in the bank for a rainy day.

Family – Our family will be the same in five years – we’ll all be a bit older – I’ll be nearly 38 then, LP will be eleven and Little Man will be nine. The only difference may be a new pet… Leia our cat isn’t getting any younger and I’d like to think she’ll still be here in five years but as her brother died so suddenly you just never know what’s going to happen. So, we may have new pets by that point – maybe a dog or another pair of cats.

So five years time will probably be pretty similar to life now. No new babies, massive relocations or new career ventures are planned but who knows what may happen. Watch this space to find out!

Tagging Beth, Nisbah, Jaymee, Sophia and Sophie if you’d like to share your thoughts on where the next five years may take you!

Where will we be in Five Years Time

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  1. Oh I love that your life may not change that dramatically in the next 5 years – Sure sign of contentment. Your post has really made me think about how the next 5 years may impact on us though. I will be 50 (Eek!), have a 20 year old, one just finishing GCSE’s & 1 starting High School! – I may do a similar post & link to yours if that is ok? x

  2. Love this post and also really got me thinking too. Whilst the last 5 years have been pretty stable for us as a family, I think the next 5 years could see change. My eldest would be 20 (OMG) and could well be living away from home. I shall start weeping now about the day my kids fly the nest x

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