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Going to university will be one of the most exciting times in your young life. You are starting a new chapter – leaving home (and parental controls), setting up in a different city, with your own space, surrounded by new friends.

It is easy to carried away when packing and you will probably want to take everything you own and more, but you simply won’t have enough space for all of it. It is, of course, important to ensure you have the essentials, but it is just as important that you don’t have any non-essentials.

Here are 10 things you may want to take with you, but will definitely never use:

1. Recipe Books

Let’s face it, you may be planning to cook a new meal each night, but in reality, you will be living off beans on toast. Which definitely won’t require a large, bulky and heavy recipe book!

2. A Printer

This will not only take up a significant amount of space, but after the cost of buying it, you will continuously need to buy ink and paper. This will take a huge chunk of money that could be spent on beers or bills, perhaps. Plus, you can easily use the library one instead!

3. An Iron

You’re a student, your clothes will be lucky to get washed, let alone ironed.

4. Glasses

Champagne flutes, wine and Martini glasses – you don’t need any of them! Milk, water, tea, wine; it will all be drunk from the same mug!

5. Desktop Computer

A laptop is far more convenient, and allows you to write essays from the comfort of your bed!

6. Fiction Books

Between studying for your course and partying with your new friends, there will be very little (if any) spare time to read for pleasure. Instead, use the space and time for your ‘recommended reading list’.

7. Your Entire Wardrobe

We only wear 20% of the contents of our wardrobes, so this is all you need to take. They’ll only end up taking up floor space when they are added to the washing pile.

8. A Car

Not only is running a car a huge expense whilst you are at Uni, it is also a pointless one. It is just as easy and probably more convenient to use public transport.

9. Small Appliances

There is no need to take appliances such as kettles and toasters. If there isn’t one there already (which there probably will be) everyone else is likely to bring one as well, and no one needs six kettles.

10. A TV

Obviously, you will be spending any free time studying… Maybe not, but with access available on your laptop to the likes of iPlayer and 4oD, you can catch up on your favourite TV shows at a time convenient to you. Meanwhile your TV would be taking up a huge amount of space, gathering dust.

Remember you are not moving to another planet. If you think you ‘might need it’, or ‘it could come in handy one day’, then you can probably leave it behind. So, remove these items from your packing and put them into storage instead. Kelly’s Student Storage for example will be able to keep everything safe and secure until you need them.

You won’t have much space to start with, so by leaving non-essentials behind you will have more room for the important things, such as academic resources and all those fancy dress costumes you will acquire.

Top 10 Things Students Take To Uni But Never Use


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  1. Ha ha, love the don’t take fiction. I was probably the only student who read voraciously outside of my first year english minor! I think I’d basically went through everything in the genres I liked from the town library, and I loved being able to get 15 books out at a time.

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