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*This is a paid advertorial in collaboration with Tesco

We are always looking for ways to save money as a family, especially on our grocery shopping which only increases in cost as the children get older. I’ve always planned meals and made a shopping list so that we mainly buy grocery items that we need, making the most of offers at the supermarket and making sure that we limit food waste. But now Tesco have a new way we can save money each time we shop.

For just £7.99 per month, Tesco’s Clubcard Plus Subscription can help you save up to £40* a month in-store over the course of the month. It gives you 10%† off two of your in-store Tesco shops each month and an additional 10% off selected Tesco brands. So what’s the catch? I tried Tesco Clubcard Plus to find out for myself.

How does Tesco Clubcard Plus work?

Tesco Clubcard Plus is so simple to use. I downloaded the Clubcard app, logged in with my Tesco Clubcard details and signed up to Clubcard Plus. The £7.99 is debited from your bank account each month without you having to do anything else and can be cancelled at any time. If you’re not a Tesco Clubcard customer you can sign up at the same time.

The Tesco Clubcard Plus subscription is so easy to navigate and it shows a QR code to scan when you finish your shopping in store as well as buttons to press to generate an extra QR code barcode if you want to use one of your 10% discounts that month.

The discounts can be used at any time during the month, have a clear expiry date on them and can be used on any 2 in-store shops a month up to £200 each. This could give a maximum saving of £40 per month.

What other benefits does Tesco Clubcard Plus have?

As well as the 10% discount on two in store shops, Clubcard Plus also gives you 10% off selected Tesco brands. Fred & Flo baby products, the Tesco pet range, Carousel toys, Go Cook kitchen products, F&F clothing and Fox & Ivy homeware. It’s so nice to get a little extra off things that you would naturally buy in store with your grocery shop.

Subscribe and Save with Tesco Clubcard Plus

How did we find using Tesco Clubcard Plus?

The Tesco Clubcard Plus benefits can only be used in store so I went to Tesco to do our weekly shop. I used Scan as You Shop as I usually do and carried on as normal until I got to the checkout.

Subscribe and Save with Tesco Clubcard Plus

It was great browsing the store looking at the discounts we could make with the Tesco Clubcard Plus subscription. The Go Cook kitchenware and Fox & Ivy homeware are both sections we would buy from regularly when we need something or are having a little refresh at home.

Subscribe and Save with Tesco Clubcard Plus

Getting 10% off school uniform this summer will be amazing ready for back to school in September and I often pick up clothes for the children with the grocery shop too.

Subscribe and Save with Tesco Clubcard Plus

As we have a cat the Tesco pet range is something we use regularly and so a discount each time we shop is much appreciated – along with Fred & Flo toiletries that we still use too. I can just imagine the savings for a family with children still in nappies!

Subscribe and Save with Tesco Clubcard Plus

Another part of the store we buy from regularly is the toy aisles. Carousel toys are something we buy often as gifts and a 10% discount will really help children’s pocket money go further too!

Subscribe and Save with Tesco Clubcard Plus

When I got to the checkout I scanned the QR code from my app which took off the Clubcard Plus Brands discount. £1.61, having bought children’s bubble bath, a new t-shirt for Little Man and our usual cat food products.

Subscribe and Save with Tesco Clubcard Plus

When I went to pay I then clicked ‘Big shop’ on the app and scanned the QR code that popped up. This took another £10.43 off the bill! I was so impressed that I’d already saved more than the £7.99 Tesco Clubcard Plus subscription fee in my first shop!

Subscribe and Save with Tesco Clubcard Plus

How would Tesco Clubcard Plus change how you shop?

Now that I’ve had a chance to use the Tesco Clubcard Plus subscription I love it. We often do one or two bigger grocery shops each month with smaller top up shops in between which would work so well with the Tesco Clubcard Plus subscription, saving the discounts for when you’ll get the most value each month.

Subscribe and Save with Tesco Clubcard Plus

The Clubcard app would also inspire us to look at Tesco first for homeware, clothes and toys knowing we’d get an extra little discount on any purchases from the Tesco Clubcard Plus selected ranges.

I really love that you can save more than the subscription fee the very first time you shop each month and there’s no formal contract time either – you can cancel whenever you like.

Find out more about Tesco Clubcard Plus over on their website and download the app now from Google Play or the iOS App Store.

*†£7.99 a month. £40 saving based on 10% off 2 shops and £200 max spend per shop. 10% always on brands: F&F, Fred & Flo, Go Cook, Tesco Pet, Carousel, Fox & Ivy. In-store spend only. Exclusions apply. Clubcard app required. See Tesco.com/Clubcard/Clubcard-Plus


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  1. This is a great idea, especially for larger families or those who like more premium shopping items and high quality meat etc. 10% soon adds up doesn’t it!

  2. All the years I’ve had a Tesco Clubcard — I never realised there was an app!!! Tesco totally saved us through lockdown. It was amazing to continue getting our online shops delivered, when so many supermarkets ground to a halt. Clubcard Plus sounds fab; off to check it out!!

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