The Last World Book Day {Ordinary Moments}

I started writing this blog years ago to document the children growing and the milestones they pass. I used to write Ordinary Moments each week to record some of those little moments that would otherwise pass us by and I promised I would keep writing them, less regularly, when I had something I wanted to write about and treasure forever.

Last week one of those moments happened and I had to write about it. On 6th March, like every 6th March, it was World Book Day. But this World Book Day was LP’s last one and I realised it was the last time the kids would dress up together before school as their favourite characters and let me take a photo

Each year, since Little Man started school, the children have loved World Book Day. It’s something they’ve planned and thought about, wanting to express themselves, look good and fit the part whilst having fun with their friends at school. It’s always a highlight of their calendar.

They have been an Astronaut, Mary Poppins, Robin Hood, a Gingerbread Man and so many princesses and Star Wars characters too. They love dressing up at home and so dressing up for school always felt like such a treat and something they loved doing together.

And now that chapter has come to a close. Little Man has two more World Book Days at primary school but LP is off to secondary school in just a few months. It’s the end of an era and one that we have all loved. I’m so glad we have these memories to look back on.

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