Learning Manners {The Ordinary Moments}

LP’s vocabulary is improving noticeably every day. Each day brings new words – numbers, colours, letters, animals. Each day the previous words get easier to understand and her pronunciation improves. Hearing her speak and construct sentences will always make me smile, seeing how much she is learning is a joy to be a part of.

One thing that we have tried to teach LP from the start is good manners. LP first learnt to say ‘ta’ at around a year old and would say it religiously whenever we gave her something or did something for her. This stopped for a few months as she was learning so much but she has started to say please and thank you without prompt.

I’ll ask LP at dinner if she’d like a pudding and she’ll say ‘Yes, plll-eeeebs’ and will say ‘Hab-Tooooo’ when we give her something. Her pronunciation still has some way to come but the sentiment is most definitely there and it’s great that at 26 months old the foundations of manners are there already. There are still a lot of things I’d like to teach her as far as manners are concerned but she’d still so young – plenty of time yet and one day at a time.

LP has a lot of fun, she’s happy and she says please and thank you.

There’s not much else I could ask for really!

Learning Manners {The Ordinary Moments}

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