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For years now I’ve been thinking about going to a festival. I’ve never been to a festival and I did add it to my ‘40 Things Before I’m 40‘ list – and that date is zooming ever forward. But, deciding which festival to go to is a really difficult choice.

What festival should you go to?

There are family festivals, festivals that you’d never take your children to and festivals of such varying sizes that finding the perfect festival for you can be a daunting prospect. You could end up like me – avoiding making the decision and just not going to any. Simple!

But, if you want to go to a festival, there’s so much to weigh up. You can use all the available information like this data from promo code specialists to find out the best value festival to go to. Are festivals really worth the ticket price or, could you just go see your favourite artists in concert instead?

You might also just choose the festival closest to home, pick the one that you’ve heard most about or pick the ones that your friends recommend. For me, Camp Bestival seems to be the best family festival that all my friends love attending with their children.

But, I’ve also had a lot of friends and colleagues go to Glastonbury year after year. That is definitely an experience and the festival that everyone thinks of. But, Reading and Leeds look like the best value festivals, making them a top choice too – especially as Reading isn’t very far from us at all.

Camping at festivals

Staying on site at festivals really adds to the experience – but it can also really bump up the cost too, especially if you’re new to camping like us. We would need to invest in camping gear before we even considered going to a festival. Sites like Love Discount Vouchers can really help to bring these sorts of costs down.

But, you may decide to just spend the day at a festival instead, or return daily to not miss too much of the action. You could travel from home each day if the festival isn’t too far away or even book a hotel close by. This means you get to experience the festival whilst still having all the home comforts you’re used to.

Eating at festivals

Food at festivals can also really bump the cost up so it’s worth researching what food outlets are available before you go. Many festivals let you take food with you which can help reduce costs and articles like this can help with what food to take to festivals too. If you can’t take your own food into the main arenas, make sure you factor the cost of food and drinks into your festival budget.

Overall, the best value festival really comes down to what you want to get from the festival, who you are going with, whether you are staying on site or travelling in and, your budget. For all of us, some festivals will simply be out of budget. But, if you’re planning to attend a festival, here are some more ways to save money at festivals with kids.

Whatever festival you end up going to, I hope you have a great time, immerse yourself in the experience and make memories that will last a lifetime. Happy festivaling!


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