Scooting {The Ordinary Moments}

LP has had her scooter for well over a year now – it started off as a trike but the seat gets removed to make it into a scooter. Earlier this year we took the seat off and LP and Little Man have been playing with it in the garden ever since the weather got a little nicer.

I hadn’t been paying that much attention to LP and the scooter but the other day I sat outside and watched LP play whilst Little Man was napping. It was the first time I realised that she could actually scoot on her scooter now, not just push it along or stand stationary on it – she could actually stand on it and kick herself along.

This to me was such a big sign that LP is getting older. The toddler, preschooler has nearly disappeared and in her place is a little girl with great coordination, a sense of adventure and a love of being outside.

Little Man is still at the stage of standing on the scooter and not really going anywhere but I am sure by watching his sister it won’t be long before he’s scooting around too. At least we now know that we can take the scooter out with us and LP will actually be able to use it!

Scooting {The Ordinary Moments}

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  1. Haha, you may live to regret taking the scooter with you on a trip out. We took it for O as he too is a pretty good scooter but it ended up with me carrying it most of the way on our walk.
    Lovely photo of LP xx

  2. So cute and LP looks lovely in that colour jumper. Mads absolutely loved her scooter for ages but then last summer we got her a bike and she seems to prefer that now, so as such the scooter has been made a little redundant. You have reminded me to get it out for her again. x

  3. I love to see them enjoying playing outside , my little girl turned 4 easter day and while cleaning the bathroom a week ago I heard her playing in our long hall way saying over and over push, push, slide I went to see what she was up to . Our bathroom is downstairs by the hallway , anyway she had on her roller skates the kind that go over shoes and was slowly but steadily going up and down without holding on to anything saying the same thing over and over push , push , slide. I was so proud as usually someone has to hold her. They grow up and master new skills so quickly.

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