Boots Baby Toiletries Range Review

Disclosure: We were sent the featured products for the purpose of this post however all opinions are my own.

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We were sent a lovely hamper of Boots baby skin care goodies recently. I’ve already posted about the fantastic Non-Contact Thermometer and we’ve now finished testing the Boots Baby Toiletries Range.

Review: Boots Baby Toiletries Range

What is in the Boots Baby Toiletries Range?

We were sent Boots Baby Bath, Bedtime Bath, Shampoo, Head To Toe Wash, Baby Oil, Boots Baby Lotion and Nappy Cream. All of the products looked familiar as they’re similar to other leading brands of baby toiletries. All the products have lids that are easy to open one handed and they’re all generously sized too!

How did we find the Boots Baby Toiletries Range?

We found that both the Boots Baby Bath and Dreamtime Bath gave a good amount of bubbles when poured into running water. I usually have to splash the water around to make enough bubbles with other products but I didn’t have to with these. We do like a bubbly bath time!

Review: Boots Baby Toiletries Range

The Boots Baby Shampoo lathered up well although not quite as well as other leading brands. It washed out easily and left LP and LM’s hair feeling soft and clean for a couple of days afterwards. It was as good as other brands!

When using the Boots Baby Head to Toe Wash it lathered and cleaned the children well. The Nappy Cream was easy to apply and rubbed in well. It also didn’t leave their skin feeling greasy or dirty and is good for sensitive skin. We don’t usually use Baby Lotion or Boots Baby Oil. But as far as I can tell both products are similar to other ones that I’ve had experience of.

Review: Boots Baby Toiletries Range

All the products smelt lovely and none of them irritated LP or LM in any way. This is always something I worry about when using new shampoos. But it wasn’t a problem with the Boots Baby Toiletries range.

I always buy other leading brand products when they’re on offer so wasn’t sure of the RRP of competitor products . Generally though, leading brands of baby products retail at £2.50-£3 each. The Boots Baby Toiletries and Skincare Range are mostly £1.50 each (The nappy cream is £2.50). This is much cheaper than leading brands but definitely as good as alternatives!

I will definitely be buying from the Boots range in future and will recommend them to any new mum or friend during pregnancy. They baby skincare products are all great quality and great value for money too. They also now have a Boots Baby Sensitive range perfect for children with sensitive skin.

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