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As a family we use so many cleaning products – from household sprays and cleaners, to washing detergent, washing up liquid and even hand wash. We always seem to be cleaning something and I often wonder what effect we are having on the environment with all those products being washed down the plug hole.

But, over the last few weeks we’ve been using Bio-D’s range of environmentally friendly, vegan, ethical cleaning products to see how well they clean – and if, by using them, we can do a little bit more to help the environment too.

Working Towards a Cleaner Environment with Bio-D

Until recently I had no idea how many chemicals went into typical cleaning products – phosphates, acids, bleaches, dyes… So knowing that a brand like Bio-D leave all of those nasties out of their products definitely gives me peace of mind and makes me feel like I’m doing my bit for the environment and also to look after my family a little bit more too.

We’ve been using the Bio-D All Purpose Sanitiser and Multi Surface Sanitiser around the house and they work as well – if not better – than our usually cleaning products. They smell wonderfully of lemon, leaving the floors and surfaces smelling lemon fresh and looking so beautifully clean too.

One thing we get through so much of as a family is washing up liquid and Bio-D’s Pink Grapefruit Washing Up Liquid smells amazing – but also works wonders. Usually after washing up my hands are really dry – but I hate wearing washing up gloves. But, Bio-D is tough on grease and gentle on our skin.

Working Towards a Cleaner Environment with Bio-D

As a family we are also always washing our hands. The children wash their hands constantly and we are always washing our hands before touching food, after cleaning things up, after being in the garden. Bio-D’s Sanitising Hand Wash again smells great but works well – and a little goes a long way. Plus, it leaves our skin so soft and means it is perfect for the whole family.

Whilst we’ve been using Bio-D’s products we’ve also been reading up about their Eat. Clean. campaign which aims to get people who love good food thinking more about the environmental impact that everyday kitchen products such as washing up liquid and hand soap can have. It’s been launched in light of the current focus on the effect plastic has on our oceans – with Bio-D’s new packaging being made from 100% recycled materials.

Working Towards a Cleaner Environment with Bio-D

Bio-D let’s us keep our home and our kitchen clean in an ethical and sustainable way – something that I know many people, like us, have never really considered. But, it’s changes like this which can make such a difference – and I know that I am now sold on not only Bio-D’s products but also the story behind it – and the end goal of keeping the environment as clean and healthy as possible for the future generations.

You can see the full Bio-D range here.


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